EscapeWay – The New Boutique Escape Room in Sofia


Players: 2-6

Location: 104 Knyaz Boris str. /ground floor/, Sofia

Price: from 20 to 25 BGN per person (10-12 euro)


Our rating: ★★★★★


EscapeWay is the new boutique escape room in Sofia which will take you back in time into another world and will make your night out with friends a lot more interesting.

There are more than 50 escape rooms in Sofia now and it can be hard to decide which one to visit. EscapeWay is a great choice if you like adventures and quality riddles. The room is located in the center of Sofia which makes it even more suitable for a visit.


In the room…

We found the room very easy as it is just next to the Palace of Justice in Sofia. As always we were team of four – only 1 of us was in escape room for the first time but he quickly got into the game.

We had a nice chat with the owners who are also very passionate “escapers”. When they explained to us the story we entered the room and it was on!


EscapeWay introduce you to the world of Indiana Jones and the secrets in his office. Your goal is to find the Crystal Skull which is a source of great knowledge and to return it in its place.

A journal guides you along the way and the riddles and puzzles in the room are making the game very interesting and engaging. We needed some hints during our one hour in the room because we started a bit slowly but then we got our strengths together and escaped in 55 minutes.


What we think

Puzzles: ★★★★☆

The riddles and puzzles are very original and well organized. I can say that they were far more advanced than in other rooms we visited which was perfect to keep our interest. Some puzzles required more than one people which was great for the team work. However one riddle was really confusing and we spend a lot of time on it but eventually we worked it out.

Atmosphere: ★★★★★

EscapeWay is a boutique room. Many of the decorations and the objects in the room are custom made. Interesting fact was that the whip in the room is made by the person who created the original whip in the real Indiana Jones movie. All the custom artifacts made the experience more real.

Customer service: ★★★★★

Everything with the booking process went great. The owners of the escape room are avid adventurers who visited almost every escape room in Sofia and know what people are looking for. That’s why it is very easy to chat with them. They gave us great recommendations of other interesting escape rooms in Sofia.


EscapeWay is definitely an escape room you should visit if you are wondering what to do in Sofia for your weekend trip. It takes only one hour and is exactly in the city center which makes it a perfect spot for beginning the night and then head to the nearest bar. You can also like them on Facebook!

Many thanks to the EscapeWay team for hosting a great Saturday adventure for us! *All images on the post are from their website.

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