April 2014

1. See the Norhern Lights2. Find 4 leaf clover in Ireland3. Go on a safari4. Go Skydiving5. Go Hot Air Ballooning6. Eat pizza and pasta in Italy7. See the Vatican8. Visit Vienna9. Climb the Eiffel Tower10. Climb the Statue of Liberty11. See the Grand Canyon12. Take a Selfie

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is perfect for pictures and almost everything catches your eyes and you just can't keep your camera in your pocket. Here's some photos from the city as well as some from Edirne. Constantinople FortificationsSultan Ahmed

1. TryavnaTryavna has managed to preserve the National Revival spirit. There are  140 cultural monuments, museums and expositions in this small town, situated in central Bulgaria. Its emblematic building is the Clock Tower in the town square. There is an Art school, Museum of Asian and African Art and