The 7 Rila Lakes – A Wonderful Bulgarian Site

Update, 2016: I visited Seven Rila Lakes in 2015, too, and I wrote a new post with more up to date information. Check it out here: Hiking the Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria

The 7 Rila Lakes! One of the symbols of the beautiful Bulgarian nature, piece of art and beloved site. It is worthed the long walk and climbing through rocky pathaways to see these amazing lakes.

So, they are seven (as you may have guessed)  and they are situated in the highest mountain in Bulgaria – Rila. They really are the most visited group of lakes in the country… for a reason. Each one of the lakes have its own original name associated with its shape or distinguishing characteristics.

First we take the lift to reach the place where we should start walking. Next, a 30-minute walk up the hill. Lake number 1 is “The Lower Lake”. The joy from the view is indescribable. We’re there, on the top of the highest mountain, at almost 2500 metres above the ground. And that’s not it! There are still 6 more lakes to see.

Rila Lakes (1)

So we continue… Next, we see “The Fish Lake”“The Trefoil” and “The Twin”. We stop for a nice picnic alongside “The Kidney” (it definitely looks like a kidney!). Nice air and amazing view… what more can a man ask for?

Rila Lakes (5)

The next part of the trip is the toughest. Rocky hill with small pathaway and a lot of people. I remember my feet hurt like never before. Bit it’s all worhed. Lake Number 6 is  “The Eye” with oval form almost like an eye. But you can’t see the shape from there. You have to climb all the way to the top of the hill to notice the eye. It’s as beutiful as the others.

Rila Lakes (2)

And finally we’re there. The 7th and the last lake – “The Tear” (due to its clear water). And there’s a place where you can see all 7 lakes. I’t amazing, believe me!

Rila Lakes (8)

We did it! Our soаred legs now don’t bother us because there’s nothing more rewarding than a justified pain. 

How to get from Sofia to Seven Rila Lakes

Unfortunately, there is no direct public transport from Sofia to the Lakes. The best way is to rent a car. 

When you arrive, you have two choices: to take the lift to the Rila Lakes hut where the hike starts (18 BGN ~ 9 EUR both ways) or hike all the way to the hut. The lift will take you around 20 min to buy a ticket, 20 min to get to the lift and 15 min ride ~ 1 h. The hike will take you around 2 h. 

You can also check out the tours to Seven Rila Lakes with our friends at

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