3 simple Bulgarian salads you should definitely try

It’s not too hard to fall in love with Bulgarian cuisine. Salads are one of the most popular dishes because most of them go very well with the national drink Rakia (strong alcoholic drink made from plums, appricots or grapes). Here are just a few of the many delicious Bulgarian salads. Most of them are typical not only for Bulgaria but for the Balkans, too. I’m excluding the famous Shopska salad, Europe’s number 1,  from the list. You can read more about it in this post. 

1. Snezhanka Salad

Snezhanka, literally “Snowwhite”, is super delicious because it is made of strained Bulgarian yogurt. Other ingredients include cucumber, garlic, parsley and wallnuts. There are many variations of this salad all over the Balkans and some Asian countries. Snezhanka salad is the Bulgarian vеrsion of the Grееk tzatziki. 



4 cups yoghurt
1 or 2 cucumbers (peeled, chopped in cubes)
1 garlic clove (optional)
some fresh parsley and fresh dill, finely chopped
1 table spoon olive oil
2-3 big wallnuts, chopped

Preparation: Peel and chop the cucumber in cubes
in a large bowl, add the other ingridients and the strained
yogurt at the end. Mix well and keep in the fridge for at least an hour before sеrving.

2. Russian Salad (Bulgarian version)

Ruska Salad (or Russian Salad) is very rich of ingredients and is most of the Bulgarians favourite appetizer. It can be served separately or as a garnish to a meal. The salad is also known as Olivier Salad. It has many variations in every part of the world but here is the Bulgarian version:




1 kilo potatoes
2 big carrots
450g mayonnaise
150 gr. pickles
150 gr. peas
150 gr. ham
2 eggs

Preparation: Boil the pоtatоes and carrоts for 40 minutеs.
Boil the еggs for 7 minutеs. Cut all ingrеdiеnts into small cubеs.
Add the mayonnaisе and salt. Mix wеll.

3. Potato Salad

Simple but very delicious. It won’t take longer than half an hour to prepare the salad. It goes well with every meal, especially with fish.



4 or 5 large potatoes, cut into cubes
a pinch of salt
crushed black pepper
2 fresh onions (works even better with scallions)
2 tbsp olive oil
some fresh parsley

Preparation: Peel and boil the potatoes for about 20 minutes,
drain and leave to cool. In a salad bowl – add the finely chopped
onions, salt, pepper to taste and olive oil.
Cut the potatoes into cubes and add the the salad bowl. Gently mix. Sprinkle with parsley before serving.

Have you ever tried similar salads and where in the world?


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  • These all look delicoius! PS: The last recipe mentions lemon juice in the instructions but not in the ingredient list…

  • I’m obsessed about the Russian salad 🙂 To be honest, though, I never even knew it was called “the Russian salad” as I was always referring to it as the Olivier salad.
    But that doesn’t make any difference, really, the salad is still one of my favourite ones!
    And actually, when I was in South America, I found out that people are MADLY in love with the Russian salad!! They prepare it a bit differently, though.

  • I only recently tried a Russian salad and haven’t tried the other two you mentioned before. I’m going to buy the ingredients and try them out, they sound delicious!