5 fun and easy ways to remember your holidays

Halloween’s been and gone, there’s a bite in the air and suddenly everyone’s wearing scarves. As someone probably said in some TV show, “winter is coming” … to most European cities.

So, when you’re at home, huddled under ten blankets and cradling a hot chocolate, how can you remember your hot, happy holiday and bring summer to a winter’s day? Here are a few ideas:


There’s no better way to remember a scorching holiday than looking at photographs. On a gloomy winter’s day, it can help you to get out of the dumps by taking a trip down memory lane and scrolling through the pictures on your phone or in an album.

If you’re home is making you feel low, save your memories on a beautiful canvas and hang it somewhere strategic that you walk past every day, like above your dining room table or in the hallway. A little glimpse every now and then will remind you that there are sunnier days coming, and you can wear that swimming costume you love again soon.


One of the best things about going on holiday is the delicious cuisines you get to sample from all over the world. If a winter’s day is getting you down, why don’t you try to recreate something you ate on your holiday? What about those delicious churros you had in Malaga? Or those spicy papas arrugadas in Gran Canaria? You can find tonnes of recipes online and the productive act of cooking will cheer you up… followed by the eating!


If you’re cooking a delicious meal with summer holiday nostalgia, why not share it with those who came on your trip? If it was a family vacation, get everyone round the table and encourage them to dig in. If it was a holiday with friends, invite them round, put on some tunes and share the magic. You’ll be cheerier in no time.


Whilst you might feel like snuggling inside a jumper on a winter’s day, why not take a little peek at your summer wardrobe to remind you of the clothes you love… and maybe even try them on? The memory of wearing your favourite summer dress will instantly cheer you up and take you back to your lovely holiday.

There are also plenty of ways to adapt your summer clothes in winter. You could wear your favourite dress over a turtle neck or under a jumper, for example. Being creative and wearing those summer favourites will bring a spring to your step and remember that winter isn’t all bad.

Book your next adventure

There’s no better way to remember a holiday on a winter’s day than booking another one. Research where you might like to go for your next adventure and get your credit card at the ready! Having a hot holiday to look forward to will push you through those cold months and you’ll be lying on a beach in that swimming costume, sipping a Sangria, and moaning about the sweltering heat in no time.

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