Malaga Food Guide: Best places to eat and drink

Food is definitely one of the things that will make you remember Malaga and make your trip special. If you are ready for your trip to the south of Spain, there’s only one thing left to plan. If you are wondering where to eat and drink in Malaga, I’m sharing this list of my favourite restaurants and bars in the city, after months spent there. 

The food in Malaga is light and balanced which compliments the hot sunny weather in all south Spain. There is plenty of seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables. One of my favourite things is that Malaga is a heaven for coffee and wine lovers. 

Enough talking, here is my Malaga food guide outlining the best places to eat and drink in the city: 

Best restaurants and bars in Malaga


1. Café Central is one of the oldest coffee places in Malaga. It is located right in the central Plaza de la Constitución. Café Central is family owned and has years of tradition in coffee making. Here, you can order coffee in 9 different ways – a typical thing only this part of Spain. The ways differ by the amount of coffee and milk inside. For breakfast, order the typical nube y pitufo’  (coffee with sandwich) or ‘churros’. Address: Plaza de la Constitución, 11.

Cafe Central in Malaga

Cafe Central in Malaga – perfect breakfast place for ‘nube and pitufo’ (coffee with sanwich) or ‘churros’

2. Casa Aranda offers the best ‘churros’ in Malaga, in my opinion. Order 2-3 churros with a cup of chocolate for breakfast and your day is off to a great start. Needless to say, the coffee in Casa Aranda is also good. But it is hard to find bad coffee in Malaga, that’s for sure. One churro costs only 0,50 cents. Address: Herrería del Rey, 3.


3.  Raff is a small but cosy restaurant in the heart of Malaga where you can try traditional tapas for affordable prices. If you want to taste a typical Spanish meal, you can order a few small portions along with a drink and divide between few people. My recommendation is to trypaella’, ‘patatas alioli’ for eating and tinto de verano’ for a drink – the price is only 2,50 EUR for tapa + drink. Address: Calle José Denis Belgrano, 17.

4. Las Merchanas is another central restaurant which is good for traditional tapas. Usually, they prepare delicious paella only during lunch time. Besides paella, you can try all other traditional foods in there. Often, there is a huge queue for dinner, so make sure to go early or make a reservation. Address: Calle Mosquera. 


5. Brunchit is modern and cosy restaurant with diverse menu. You won’t find traditional cuisine there, but if you appreciate a good contemporary design and quality food, this place is for you. Their Instagram account says it all. Address: Calle Carreteria, 46.

Brunchit restaurant in Malaga

Brunchit restaurant in central Malaga

6. Nicpic is a cosy vegetarian & organic restaurant in central Malaga near Plaza de la Merced. It is the place to try fresh and homemade meals made with love for the food. It is open everyday from 8 until midnight. Address: Calle San Juan de Letrán, 9.

7. Noviembre is your place for organic and fresh meals. The cosy atmosphere and quality food make it without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Malaga. You can also check Noviembre’s menu online so you can decide better. Address: Calle Álamos, 18.

8. El Patio is my favourite restaurant in Malaga for homemade delicious paella with seafood. Many other places don’t put that much seafood in the paella, but El Patio’s recipe is the one I like the most. Order a plate of Russian salad and patatas alioli, plus a glass of tinto de verano along the paella and enjoy a nice lunch in the very center of Malaga. Address: Calle Granada, 39.

El Patio restaurant in Malaga

Restaurant El Patio in Malaga – best place for paella and tapas

9. Meson Mariano is a family owned restaurant near Plaza de Uncibay in Malaga. You can try all types of traditional Spanish and local meals. Address: Calle Granados, 2. 


10. La Calle Burger Málaga Centro is your place if you crave burgers during your trip to Malaga. Every once in a while we want to spoil ourselves with this “street food” so why not make it with style. Address: Calle Mosquera, 3.


11. Central Beers is for craft beer lovers in Malaga. It offers more than 150 local and international beers so there’s something for every taste. The bar also offers burgers, salads and other delicious food to complement your craft beer. Address: Calle Cárcer, 6.

12. Antigua Casa de Guardia is the place to try the beloved Malaga sweet wine. It is one of the oldest bars in the city and is full of locals. People come here for their early afternoon aperitif to open their appetite before lunch. Address: Alameda Principal, 18.

Restaurants and bars in Malaga

Try the sweet wines in Antigua Casa de Guardia – one of the oldest bars in Malaga

13. Chiquita Cruz is my all time favourite bar in Malaga that I went to almost every week. It is the place to go for a cubin dances night out with friends. Salsa and bachata are the most common dance in there and there are dance lessons in form of animation for those who’d like to enjoy the rhythm. Address: Plaza de las Flores, 7.


14. Atarazanas Food Market is a place to visit even if you don’t plan to buy anything. Here, you’ll find stalls with fresh fruits, vegetables and a whole separate space for fish and seafood. In Atarazanas you can try the typical almonds in olive oil and salt, olives from different part of the region, spices, etc. The building itself is impressive as well. Address: Calle Atarazanas, 10.

Atarazanas Central Market in Malaga

Plenty of seafood at Atarazanas Central food market in Malaga

Atarazanas market in Malaga

Atarazanas Central food market in Malaga

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