A picturesque day trip from Malaga to Mijas: 7 things to do

Just an hour and 2,35 Euros away from Malaga lies the magical, fairytale town of Mijas. The area is mountainous and when you arrive in the historical part – Mijas Pueblo, a great view to the surroundings and the sea will catch your eye (and lense in that matter).

So if you are on the lookout for exciting day trips from Malaga,  get your backpack and head to Mijas Pueblo.

Getting to Mijas Pueblo from Malaga

There are several buses a day going to Mijas from Malaga’s Maria Zambrano bus station. Look for line M-112.

If you go to the bus station a day before, just ask for information about the route Malaga-Mijas. Make sure to say Mijas Pueblo and not the port. They will print you out a paper with all the buses that cover the line.

You can also check the departure hours for MIjas online but to be sure, I recommend you stop by the bus station. Keep in mind that some buses don’t operate on the weekends. It is listed which ones on the information paper you’ll receive.  

We took the bus from Malaga at 09:20. You can buy the tickets just before departure. The trip took around one hour. We arrived in Mijas at 10:20. The price was just 2,35 EUR.

For coming back to Malaga, go to the same place where the bus stopped in Mijas. You can buy the tickets back from the driver.

You can also book an airport transfer from Malaga. Solhop airport transfers provide reliable Malaga airport taxi transfers as another option.

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What to do in Mijas

Travelling to Mijas is a whole experience by itself. Try not to sleep during the bus ride from Malaga because you’ll stumble upon some pretty picturesque views and towns on the way too.

When you’re done with the window glazing, here are some ideas for things to do for a day in Mijas:

• Tourist info center

When you arrive in Mijas Pueblo, head to the Tourist Info Center first. There, you can find a map of the city with suggested route to follow which takes around 2 hours.

Besides the tourist map, right next to the Tourist Office, you will find your first 3 photo opportunities:

– the big colourful MIJAS sign
– a statue of donkey that you can hop on to for a photo
– a panoramic view to one part of the city and the sea.

• Chapel of the Virgin of the Rocks + Compas Panoramic Viewpoint

Once you have the map, continue your walk in Mijas to the Chapel of Virgen de la Peña. The small chapel is carved in a rock and is also open for visits. From there, you will find another great view to the surroundings at the Compas Panoramic Viewpoint.

from malaga to mijas - Chapel of the Virgin of the Rocks

Chapel of the Virgin of the Rocks

• Old Flour Mill

When you continue up the road, you will pass by the Flour Mill – a recreation of an old flour mill. There, you can see how it actually worked with exposition of its original machinery.

from malaga to mijas - old flour mill

A recreation of Flour Mill in Mijas, Spain

• Museum of miniatures “Carromato De Mijas”

I am not a fan of traditional museums. That is why when I found out there is a miniature museum in Mijas, I was more than surprised. Unfortunately, I didn’t go in but I believe that it is worth sharing. Apparently, there are small pieces from over 50 countries exhibited in the museum.

• The Constitution square

A few minutes up the hill you will find the Constitution square with a cute fountain in the middle. There are many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops there to keep you entertain during your day trip in Mijas.

from mijas to malaga center

One of the streets leading to the Constitutional Square in Mijas, Spain

• Panoramic walk and gardens at Mijas Fortress

Coming next are the beautiful gardens near the Mijas Fortress. The panoramic walk will take your breath away with every step.

day trip from malaga to mijas 4

Gardens and panoramic walk over the Mijas Fortress

• A colourful walk on San Sebastian street

And here we come to the most picturesque place in Mijas Pueblo – San Sebastian street. Surrounded by white houses on both sides, flowers and hanging signs, this is one of the most photographed places in the town. Head up to Calle Calvario for even better street views.


day trip from malaga to mijas - san sebastian street

day trip from Malaga to Mijas 2

day trip from malaga to mjas 7

And that is it – our day trip to Mijas was an Instagram success! We were even back in Malaga around 16:00 so didn’t spend the whole day there. I can’t wait to have a reason to go back to Mijas Pueblo.

What is the most picturesque place you ever visited?
Share your tips below.

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  • I´m a local from Mijas and I can tell you it is a fantastic place to visit. Mijas is a very pistoresque village at the center of the Costa del Sol. It has an unsual bullring with its square shape (the only one in Spain)

  • Hi, thanks for the informative blog. I am planning to visit Mijas Pueblo from Malaga, after reading your article. The only problem i am facing is according to link provided above there is no way to get back from Mijas before 7:25 pm, can you please suggest how you git back by 4:00pm. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Mijas is so pretty! I loved staying here. We visited the chocolate factory too which makes for a great thing to do with the kids… and you get to take home the chocolate you have made!! The kids loved it.

  • Greetings from Bulgaria, Maria! 🙂

    I would like to ask you what are the options for returning from Mijas back to Malaga, because on the website of the bus station https://siu.ctmam.ctan.es/ I see an M-112 bus only at 19:30. Although it looks very beautiful, I don’t think we will be able to spend a whole day in Mijas. I saw that you returned at 16:30 – by the same bus or otherwise?