Exploring Spain with Awel shoes for everyday life

It’s been awhile since I treated myself with a good pair of travel shoes. That’s why when I got invited to try the new Awel footwear, I was keen explore Malaga with them.

Since I moved here almost three weeks ago, I haven’t stopped walking around the city and surrounding places. And it’s been a pleasure to do that with such comfortable shoes. Of course, there are a few more things to say about them.

Soft and comfortable

Awel footwear is simple and functional. There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re walking on clouds. The softness of the shoes is what I love most about them. 

The Awel footwear is actually adapting to your feet. Even after a full day of walking, I still don’t feel that I’m wearing anything. 

Awel footwear everyday life

Walking my new Awel shoes in Mijas, Spain

Great for a full day of city exploring

The shoes came just in time for my first day trip out of Malaga – to gorgeous Mijas. I walked, and walked, and walked a little bit more, without any problems (and it’s hard not to walk all the time if you see how picturesque Mijas is).

The Awel shoes are not slippery! I believe it is very important to mention that the shoe outsole doesn’t let your feet slip on smooth and slippery surfaces (as the many ones in Malaga in that matter). High five for that!

Plus, you know how when you get new shoes and you wear them for the first time, you get blisters on your feet? Well, it didn’t happen with Awel which, for me, is a good testimony that I’m wearing proper shoes.

Awel footwear everyday life

Walking in the streets of Malaga, Spain

Created by travellers

Another thing I love about this brand is that it is actually created by travellers. Awel was born after an exhausting trip to Vietnam which resulted in hurt feet. That’s when the creators decided to come up with “the most comfortable shoes ever”.

Furthermore, Awel brand is giving comfort no only to the ones wearing the footwear. The company is also helping people in need with every purchased pair of shoes.

Awel footwear everyday life

Awel brand was created by travellers/Photo. Awel Footwear

The one downsize for me is that Awel shoes would not be good for hikes in the nature. The ankle is not secure so it would be uncomfortable to walk on rough paths.

At the end, I do think that Awel shoes are great for everyday use.  I know that I will keep wearing them on my future missions to explore every little town in Spain in the next few months!

Where to find Awel brand

Awel shoes come in three colours – black, blue and beige. You can take a look at them on their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 

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