Tastes of Spain: 13 Foods and Drinks to Try in Malaga

If you chose Malaga as your next travel destination in Spain, you’ve done right. You’ve got beach, beautiful Old Town, Picasso’s legacy, wonderful museums, unstoppable night life... and mouth-watering food!

Despite often laying in the shadow of Barcelona, Madrid or Seville, Malaga has so much to offer. That’s what I learnt after living 4 months in the city and constantly thinking how I should go back and explore further. Yes, four months were not enough time to get enough of the area.

If you’re visiting just for a little while, I’m sharing my top Malaga travel tips with you. In this post, we’re gonna talk food. Priorities, right! Here are the foods and drinks you should try before leaving the city. 

If you’re traveling from the US, check ETIAS Spain requirements for US citizens.

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What to eat in Malaga

Nube and pitufo in Malaga - - what to eat and drink in Malaga

1. A smurf and a cloud. A typical breakfast in Malaga consists of ‘nube’ and ‘pitufo’ which, literally translated in English, mean “a cloud and a smurf”. It is no more than a short, strong coffee (first of the nine ways mentioned above) and toasted bread roll usually with olive oil, tomato sauce and salt. It’s as simple as it gets but is a must try during your trip in Malaga. | Where to try: Cafe Central.

Churros with chocolate in Malaga - foods and drinks

2. Churros with hot chocolate. My favourite food in Malaga was definitely churros, dipped in hot chocolate. I wouldn’t go a week without visiting my favourite place for that. Churros are deep fried dough sticks that you can combine with a cup of hot chocolate. Just dip the churro in the cup and let the magic work. | Where to try: Casa Aranda. 

Patatas alioli - what to eat and drink in Malaga

3. Patatas alioli is another food people in Malaga just love. It is simple but delicious potatoes with mayonnaise sauce and a bit of garlic. It is best to order as tapas and share with friends. | Where to try: El Patio, Raff, Las Merchanas. 

Russian salad - - what to eat and drink in Malaga

4. Spanish “Russian” salad. From the many conversations I had with people from all over Europe, every country has different version of the salad. And most likely, it’s completely different than the one in Russia. The russian salad in Malaga, however, is one you should definitely try before leaving the city. The secret ingredient – tuna fish. | Where to try: Raff, El Patio, Las Merchanas. 

Olives - - what to eat and drink in Malaga

5. Olives of Malaga. If you think about Greece when it comes to olives, try the ones in Malaga. Not only they are delicious, there are tens of different kinds of olives growing in the region and all of them are worth trying. | Where to try and buy: Atarazanas Central Market. 

Paella in Malaga - - what to eat and drink in Malaga

6. Paella. You’ve probably heard of the famous Spanish paella before – rice with vegetables, meat and seafood . But as most things that become popular, it is easy to find mediocre paella. But if you really want to find delicious, homemade one in Malaga, you have to look harder. | Where to try: El Patio, Las Merchanas (only lunch hours).

Boquerones in Malaga

7. Boquerones. Needless to say, Malaga is strong on sea food, and anchovies are the heart of Malaga cuisine. In fact, anchovies are so popular in the area, that the nickname for people of Malaga is Boquerones – the Spanish word for anchovies. And one thing is for sure – they will always be fresh. | Where to try: Meson Mariano. 

Albóndigas in almond sauce - food to try in Malaga

8. Albóndigas in almond sauce. If you’re ready to try another traditional meal for Malaga, go for these pork meatballs in almond sauce. It’s a main course meal best served with my favourite ‘tinto de verano’ (summer wine). | Where to try: Meson Mariano.

Leche frita in Malaga

9. Leche frita. Deep fried, custard based dessert that is also typical the area. Best served with ice cream, leche frita is the perfect ending to every dinner in Malaga. | Where to try: Meson Mariano.

What to drink in Malaga

Coffee in Malaga - Cafe Central

Photo: Cafe Central Malaga

10. Coffee. There are 9 reasons to fall in love with Malaga… and all of them include coffee. You know you are in a coffee heaven if you can order your hot morning drink in 9 different ways! And no one will judge you for being way too specific. The secret of Malaga is in the amount of milk and coffee in your cup. On top of that, it is almost impossible to find bad coffee in the city. | Where to try: Cafe Central, Casa Aranda. 

Tinto de verano - what to eat and drink in Malaga

11. Tinto de verano or summer wine is the drink for every occasion. I, personally, can drink it any time, with any meal. It’s simply part red wine, part sprite poured on ice with slice of lemon. Whoever invented ‘tinto de verano’ should know that is my favourite person. | Where to try: El Patio, Raff, Meson Mariano but really every restaurant should serve it. 

Malaga sweet wine

12. Malaga sweet wine. The sweet desert wines are traditional for the region of Malaga. They taste more like a a sweet liqueur drink rather than wine and you can not drink much of it. Best time to try it is before lunch, as aperitif. | Where to try: Antigua Casa de Guardia.

Sangria in Malaga

Photo: Pixabay.com under CC0 Creative Commons

13. Sangria. Of course, you can not leave Malaga without trying the most iconic Spanish drink. Not every sangria is made the right way – the mix should be made in advance so the wine can absorb the fruits’ juices. But nevertheless, sangria should be on your must-try list. | Where to try: El Patio, El Pimpi, Meson Mariano. 


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