Visiting Canary Islands: 7 best experiences to have in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

If you are looking for a new summer destination to add on your bucket list, Fuerteventura – the second biggest of the  seven Canary Islands of Spain, is just the right place to keep in mind. Located in the north part of the island, Corralejo – one of the main cities in Fuerteventura, is a great introduction to the area.

After I spend a week there, I am happy to spread the word about this adventurous spot in the Atlantic Ocean. To give you just some of the many reasons to go there, here are 7 of my favourite experiences to have in Corralejo: 

1. Learning how to surf

Probably one of the main purposes of every trip to Corralejo is surfing. Fuerteventura offers great beaches for every level of surfing and the conditions are great during the whole year. Even though you’ve never tried it before, I bet this place is the best one to kick off your surfing experience.

You probably know how much I like sea kayaking, but after this week, surfing is yet another thing to add to my regular trip schedule.

things to do in corralejo - learn how to surf

Learning how to surf in Corralejo – great way to spend a week in Fuerteventura

things to do in corralejo - learn how to surf

After a week of surfing lessons, I was able to catch some waves on my own – yay!

Tip: Our surf instructor was Nando from Planet Surf Camps who made sure to have the perfect balance between the surfing lessons and having fun on the beach.

2. Spending a week in a surf camp

Rather than booking a hotel or an Airbnb, I advise you to spend a week in a surf camp. I put this as a completely different experience than surfing for several reasons.

First, you will get addicted to the chill atmosphere in a surf camp – meeting new people from all over the world, with different stories and interests, is one of the best reasons for travelling.

Second, you will never get bored spending time in this type of community – BBQ nights, nights out or day trips together, there’s always something to do and someone you can find to do it with.

planet surf camp fuerteventura

Planet Surf Camp in Fuerteventura/Photo: Facebook

Tip: Besides taking the surfing lessons there, Planet Surf Camp was also my base for the week in Fuerteventura – clean dorm rooms, spacious patio with table tennis, pool table, swimming pool, slack line and regular events organized by the team.

3. Playing on the sand dunes of Corralejo Natural Park

Just few minutes outside the city you will find the best sand dunes in the Canary Islands – those in Corralejo Natural Park.

This desert scenery in Fuerteventura may not be the same as the one in Sahara but is still worth the visit. The sand dunes are also a great spot to watch the sun setting above Corralejo.

things to do in corralejo - sand dunes of corralejo natural park

Just outside the city, the Corralejo Natural Park impresses with this beautiful landscape…

4. Biking through the island

I love biking and do it quite often to explore new cities. It’s an easy, fun and practical way to get around faster. And the good news is that Fuerteventura is pretty bike-friendly too.

There are several biking routes that can take you from a few hours to a day or even more. During our biking trip outside of Corralejo, we stumbled upon some pretty picturesque views.

You can find rent-a-bike shops very easily in Corralejo. Ask the owners for the best route according to how much you are ready to explore with the bicycle.

biking in corralejo natural park (4)

Biking in Corralejo Natural Park

corralejo natural park fuerteventura

Sand dunes in Corralejo Natural Park, Fuerteventura

5. Hit the beaches

What is a trip to the Canary Islands without spending some time on the beach. And, luckily, Fuerteventura offers amazing long and wide sandy beaches not far from Corralejo.

Flag Beach, Grandes Playas or Glass Beach… there are so many options close to the city that there is no chance to get disappointed. The water is crystal clear and the natural surrounding is spectacular.  

corralejo natural park (3)

Beaches near Corralejo, Fuerteventura – a view to the volcano on Los Lobos island

6. Stroll around the craft markets

If you are looking for the best gift to take back to your friends and family, look for the craft markets in Atlantic Garden commercial center in Corralejo.

There are many restaurants, cafes and branded stores there but my favourite thing are the craft markets. Almost every day, there is a thematic market that showcases the best hand made arts and craft work of local artists. 

craft market in corralejo

Craft markets in Corralejo

7. A day trip to Los Lobos island

Los Lobos island is so close – just two kilometres from Fuerteventura, that I consider it as an inseparable part of the Corralejo experience. The whole island is a nature reserve and impresses with unspoiled landscape.

los lobos island fuerteventura

The port at Lobos island, just 2 km from Fuerteventura and Corralejo

los lobos fuerteventura

The streets of the small fishing village in Lobos island

Lobos island fuerteventura

A view to the volcano on Los Lobos island

As part of the trip, our group did snorkelling and watched the underwater life around the island. Walking around Lobos is also an option – there is a beautiful beach where you can spend the afternoon.

If you are feeling more adventurous, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards are available too. And biking to the volcano is another great experience to have on your day trip to Lobos island.

los lobos snorkelling

Snorkelling in Lobos underwaters – first time for me

Tip: I explored the Lobos island with Lobos Explorers – the team made sure to help us have a great time on the island – the bikes, kayak, stand-up paddle boards and snorkels were included in the trip. Home-made delicious lunch was also prepared specially for us so we didn’t have to worry about anything but just having a good time.

Keep in mind that if you do a day trip from Corralejo to Los Lobos by yourself, there is only one restaurant on the island. You have to make a reservation in advance (before 12:30 on the day) in order to ensure that they will save a place for you.

things to do in corralejo fuerteventura

How to get to Corralejo

Reaching Fuerteventura from Europe is pretty easy and affordable. There is one airport on the island located not far from Puerto de Rosario. I used Ryanair and grabbed round trip ticket for only 34 euros from Madrid. You can also check Skyscanner for the cheapest options from your location.

After that, getting from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo takes approximately 40-50 minutes. You have three main options:

  • by direct shuttle – you have to book at least a day in advance and the shuttle takes you directly from Fuerteventura airport to your accommodation in Corralejo; the price is around 6€ with 
  • by bus – take the bus number 3, 16 or 10 from outside the airport to the bus station at Puerto del Rosario (takes approximately 8 mins) and then bus number 6 from there to the Campanario bus station in Corralejo (approximately 35 mins); the journey costs 4,80€.
  • by taxi – there are taxis available outside the airport that can take you to Corralejo for approximately 35€.

Plan your trip to Fuerteventura


  • Planet Surf Camp in Fuerteventura – they offer week-long packages starting from 199€ (including accom. + surf lessons).
  • Alternatively, Airbnb offers plenty of accommodations for affordable prices. Sign up today and get 41 discount to use for your first booking.



  • Planet Surf Camp again – for surf lessons in Fuerteventura.
  • Lobos Explorer – for day trip from Corralejo to Lobos island with kayaking, snorkelling, biking and more.

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