5 Must See Attractions in the UK This Summer

The UK is full of fantastic experiences, beautiful landscapes and fun adventures. Whether you are visiting England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales or all four this summer, you won’t be short of anything to do. For the adrenaline junkies to the beach relaxers and music fanatics, there is something for everyone this summer.

Whether you are local to a must-see attraction, visiting for the day or a week, you will find many places to stay, such as holiday rentals, hotels or apartments in Leeds City Centre. City life may be up your street or beach life may be the one for you, take a look at 5 must see attractions in the UK this summer…

London – River Thames

Travelling on the River Thames is an amazing way to get around London and see the famous sites the city has to offer, such as the Houses of Parliament, London Eye and Tower Bridge. Take a tour on a speedboat, a river boat or cruise boat, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time in the sun and do some sightseeing. Enjoy an afternoon tea or even a three course meal on board, whilst taking in the fantastic views from the water.


Edinburgh – Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh is full of fun activities and things to do this summer. One stand out attraction includes Arthur’s Seat, a climbing route around an extinct volcano, offering one of the best views across Edinburgh. Starting in the centre, hike around the grassy hill up to one of the highest points in the city. This route isn’t that long, however it is steep, but it’s definitely worth the climb. Be blown away by the captivating panoramic views this walk has to offer.

It’s particularly beautiful on a sunny day when skies are clear and there is a great view all over the city, including the view of Edinburgh Castle. This will take around 2 to 3 hours to complete, longer if the plan is to have a picnic at the top. Even in the summer months, don’t forget to take a jacket, as it still gets very windy at the top.

Leeds – Music Festival

If music is a passion, then why not visit one of Leeds’ incredible music festivals this summer. Dance and sing along with some of the best artists at Leeds Festival, with a huge diverse lineup from pop to techno, and everything in between, there will be a song to suit everyone’s tastes.

Take in the wonders of the UK music scene with like-minded music lovers and dance the night away. Either spend the day there or camp for the weekend and have a proper festival experience.

Cornwall – Beaches

One of the best attractions in the UK to visit in the summer is one of the many beaches. In particular, the southern beaches, such as St Ives in Cornwall. Enjoy a weekend away or even longer soaking up the sun and walking along the sandy beaches. Who needs to jet away to another country when there’s places like this on your doorstep? Learn to surf, visit an art gallery or walk along the harbour, there is something for everyone in St Ives.

A beautiful little gem in Cornwall, take in the idyllic setting, with a relaxed atmosphere and many exciting landmarks. Many tourists visit St Ives every summer and it’s very clear to see why, offering a Mediterranean charm with Cornish spirit, a sparkling sea and fantastic beaches. Whether relaxing on the beach, taking part in water sports or enjoying a hike, it is the perfect place for any outdoor lover.

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