Best Cruise Destinations Around the Globe

With the world being accessible via a cruise ship, it’s hard to choose where to spend your next vacation. And let’s face it, some people love to go cruising, and love everything about cruising. Do you want to go island hopping without having to worry about boarding your flight, switching hotels, or packing your bags? Luckily, we’ve got you covered and we’ve put together this list of the world’s best and finest cruise destinations. 

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are known for their unique landscapes, wildlife, culture, and exotic features. A visit to Galapagos is an abundance of wildlife unlike anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for a relaxing trip or active exploration, the Islands offer a unique opportunity to enjoy a distant destination.

Galapagos cruise is perfect if you want to connect with the origins of evolution. Charles Darwin himself spent five weeks in Galapagos and supposedly he got an insight and basis for writing his most famous piece “The Origin of Species”. Darwin called the Galapagos islands “a little world within itself”.

There are many reasons to visit this breathtaking archipelago, among them being snorkeling with sea life, like sea lions, graceful stingrays, etc. You will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the marine iguana whose origins date from 9 million years ago. The lizard is the Galapago’s stamp and the most known species on the island.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands come first to mind whenever people think of cruising. In the Caribbean, you will find a lot of water sports and beach attractions, visit a diverse set of islands and explore different cultures. It’s a great place to enjoy with your family, or friends or go on a honeymoon. 

The unspoiled and generous nature of the Caribbean is rich in tropical rainforests, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, beaches, nature reserves, and stunningly breathtaking landscapes. 

The year-round warm weather is perfect for strolling around the beaches or relaxing with a cocktail in your hand while admiring the sunset. You’d get the chance to learn more about the mix of nationalities and cultures which make up the region, meet locals at festivals and events, and taste their traditional dishes.

The Caribbean is the place where all of your senses will come to life. The sound due to the rhythm of the Caribbean music, the sight due to the beautiful landscapes, the smell due to the exotic herbs, the taste, due to the cuisine diversity, and the sense of touch due to the welcoming handshakes by the locals.


Indonesia is a story for itself. It’s a large country with diverse cultures and many time zones. Indonesia has the most pristine beaches, tropical forests, deep seas, and enormous mountains to conquer. The idyllic beaches in Bali allow you to enjoy calm and some of the most romantic sunsets, snorkel with the sea life or go deep-diving. 

Indonesia is located in one of the most active volcanic areas in the world, with 150 volcanoes sprinkled throughout the territory. It’s the home of more than 17,000 islands and 50,000 km of coastline. The beauty of this country lies in the 300 ethnicities, countless landscapes, glorious temples, and majestic mountains to discover.


Planning a cruise to Hawaii doesn’t take much convincing. Pristine rainforests, world-class beaches, and sizzling volcanoes are some of the things you’d get to experience in this heaven-on-earth masterpiece. 

You can stay shoreside on the sultry sand, beneath the swaying palm tree shades, and read a book of your preference. Or you can go on a shopping spree if you are tired of the beach time in the mid-afternoon. Or try something different. Once you are ready to try something new, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails of the Hawaiian soil.

There are 8 islands you can explore via a cruise or a boat, and four of them are the most popular in the tourism industry. Oahu is the most traveled island and boasts an exciting surf culture. Maui and Kaui are famous for their mesmerizing beaches and hiking centers. It’s time to say “Aloha” and live the life on Hawaiian criteria.


“Oh-la-la!”. It’s time to go to Mexico. Taking a cruise to Mexico is one of the best decisions you could ever make. With its ancient ruins, fabulous beaches, dynamic cities brimming with colonial architecture, and alluring culture, Mexico is full of surprises. 

Some of the remarkable remains you’d get to see in Mexico are the Mayan civilization ruins known as Chichen Itza. This ancient civilization was well ahead of its time when it came to building temples and assembling advanced infrastructures and agricultural systems.

And beaches don’t get much behind! With more than 450 sandy areas of paradise and 6,000 miles of coastline, Mexico should be near the top of your list.

Prepare for a Cruise!

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