5 Paradise-Like Destinations For Yachting In Greece

If you love sailing, you likely have Greece on your list of places to visit. And you’re not wrong about that; no matter what size your yacht isyachting through the archipelagos and bright blue waters of Greece and looking at the colored beaches is an experience of a lifetime.

Since the country has over 200 islands, it is only natural that you’d be confused about where to start. So, if you’re not ready for an indecisive vacation in the Mediterranean, we’re here to offer you some help.

This article discusses five beautiful places to kickstart your yachting experience in Greece. You can consider them earth’s version of paradise, so buckle up for the excitement ahead!

1. Sporades Islands

With only four islands inhabited from the total 24 islands, the Sporades islands are a great place to start yachting. This is an excellent destination for anyone looking for more natural elements and lesser of the city.

The islands feature many secluded coves, rock cliffs, and sandy bays. While there are many places to visit when in the area, be sure to mark Skopelos, Skyros, and Alonissos islands on your bucket list.

The pine forests and orchards in Skopelos are a calming view to enjoy. Remember to keep an eye out for a chapel on the cliff, especially if you’re a fan of Mamma Mia and wish to see where their wedding scenes were filmed!

Skyros is an island that retells ancient magnificence. Its boxed houses and intricate handicrafts remind you of how life can be simple and splendid. You can also stop by to try some of their local food, which includes feta cheese, olives, and plums.

Alonissos island has a more rugged atmosphere than most other islands in the Sporades. However, it’s also where you can experience the natural elements of Greece at its finest. The mountains with pines and olive groves are a pleasant addition to the secluded coves!  

2. Santorini

This iconic island is one of the most visited places in Greece. It is a vacation destination for families, couples, and solo travelers. So, you will find many yacht charters and private luxury cruises that fit your budget and purpose.

Sailing through the waters surrounding the island will allow you to enjoy stunning views of the whitewashed buildings and rocky cliffs connecting the Aegean Sea.

You can tour the underwater volcano and hot springs or swim on the red, white, and black beaches. One thing to look forward to is the ethnic food and world-class wines at Santorini’s restaurants.

While the summer months are a popular vacation period, they can get quite crowded and warm. So, if you have a more flexible schedule, consider planning the cruise anywhere between September to November. That way, you can enjoy the beauty of the island and waters in a quieter atmosphere and milder weather.

spots for naturel lovers in crete greece

3. Thassos 

This island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea is a delightful destination to go yachting. Once you set sail, it is easy to observe that the island doesn’t have Paradise Beach without reason; the experience is like entering paradise!

You can stop by the beaches to refresh yourself with some swims in the cool waters. The bright island greens and fun rock formations make the atmosphere more relaxing and refreshing. Besides, it’ll also make excellent vacation memoirs to look back and enjoy in the future.

If you have enough time for your vacation, consider experiencing the difference in the ambiance between daytime and evening cruises. You may also be able to spot some dolphins looking for new friends, so be sure to look out for any signs in the water.

The town has several boat tour agencies, and the most popular ones include Thassos Sailing, Thassos, cruises Axion Esti, and Thassos Private Cruises.

4. Rhodes

If you’re looking for an all-in-one destination to make your yachting experience fill a short vacation, consider Rhodes. This island has everything from ancient ruins and beaches to spectacular landscapes and a busy nightlife.

This island has numerous coves and beaches that make excellent locations for diving and cooling off from the sun’s heat. However, the summer months can be pretty dry and hot despite being the best months to enjoy the view of sparkling turquoise waters.

So, September and May are the best months to go yachting on Rhode Island, as this is when the sea water is at the perfect temperature. You can enjoy a breeze while getting some quick swims in the warm waters.

Some of the best beaches you can stop by include the Beach of Agathi, the Bay of St. Paul, and Anthony Quinn Beach.

5. Zakynthos

Among the many islands in the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos has some of the most breathtaking landscapes that you can enjoy as you sail through the clear turquoise waters.

You can yacht through the rock sculptures, swim in the warm waters, or enjoy some water sports on the island’s numerous beaches. 

If you decide to visit Zakynthos, you might want to save time to view the famous shipwreck at Navagio beach. It is a magnificent object to observe and photograph as its decades-old existence reminds us of how humans and nature evolve while finding means to survive.

But that’s not all there is to the beach; the exposed cove with giant bluffs secludes the site from the vast water body. It is a pleasant place to relax and enjoy the sparkling water while the sun’s out.


Sailing through the clear waters and colored beaches of Greece is one of the most pleasurable experiences. So, if you get the chance to explore this Mediterranean country, consider the five islands we’ve recommended above. 

Daytime cruises are quieter and more relaxing than nighttime as the latter usually consists of music and dancing. So if you wish to avoid a loud sailing experience, consider booking a daytime cruise.

Finally, if you have a flexible work life, it is best to go yachting right before or after the summer months. It’ll keep you out of the harsh summer heat while delivering the same level of beauty and enjoyment.

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