Taking Your Family on Holiday: 4 Places That Are Perfect for Families

It can be a bit of a double-edged sword looking for a good family destination. You want to avoid the folk who take fun a little too far but don’t want to bore your kids either. You have to weigh up keeping them away from too much havoc while keeping their days busy enough that they’re entertained. And with a higher barrier for entry on what will keep them occupied, and complete ignorance for the concept of a holiday as a relaxing time, there’s a lot to weigh up there. 

There’s a lot of things other you’ll also need to consider like transportation, finding the right kind of restaurants that everyone will enjoy, even insurance. In case, you haven’t thought of that part yet, you might want to look at a provider like Staysure to get that box checked off. If you’re wondering where to go next, we’ve listed out 4 ideas we think you should check out. Have a read to see which ones sounds best for you. 

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city that looks like it is underwater. If your kid says they want to be a mermaid when they grow up, first of all, that’s relatable, but second of all, they’ll have found a home for it in Barcelona. The famed Gaudi Casa Batllo looks like something from the underwater city of Atlantis with its warbling structure and windows that look like sea glass. 

Plus, should the little ones get the itch and want to visit the beach, it’s right there. A city on the coast is the best of both worlds, with gorgeous sandy beaches just a quick walk from the high street stores and restaurants of the city. 

For an experience they will never forget, take the kids to the Park Guell, an outdoor museum of a collection designed by Gaudi. An entire town of crazy abstract buildings and mosaic décor, making the site look like a cross between Brussels and a Lego collection. Speaking of…

Brussels, Belgium 

Brussels is ideal if you’re looking for a winter break. Brussels is the city that does Christmas so well. You might even be sucked into the kiddy glee when you find you can go on a reindeer ride. Wander through the quaint little buildings in the city centre, venture through the markets and high streets, and get your Christmas shopping done while you’re at it. You will have to visit the famous Brussel waffle shops to get the day started, and then head down to see the Atomium, walk through the Christmas street markets, and end the day with a beer at the brewery and some Belgian chocolate for the little ones. 

Lanzarote, Spain

Lanzarote might be a Spanish island, but geographically it is closer to Africa, which means even more sunshine and heat for most of the year. So, if you’re trying to get a holiday in during school time, an October break in the sun is still an option. 

We say Lanzarote, rather than any of the other Canary Islands because, depending on where you go on the island, you’re likely to get a much quieter experience than if you were head to Tenerife or the Gran Canarias. The night life isn’t so in your face. There are more family friendly shows and music to enjoy and overall, the experience is more “making fun memories with the kids”. 

California, USA

Los Angeles is the city that knows how to entertain, and the kids won’t be left behind. There are the usual tourist traps, like Hollywood Boulevard, perhaps a tour through Warner Brothers Studios, but we all know what we’re here for: Disneyland. Or, if your kids are more into their Mario, Harry Potter or The Simpsons, you can visit Universal Studios. Or, for the classic carnival experience, take a walk down Santa Monica Pier (you might be able to see seals here too) and enjoy the stalls and the big wheel and feel like a big kid again.

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