5 Unusual Travel Destinations Best Visited with a Tour Group

For the explorer at heart, there are no limits to the routes we are willing to take to find our truest fulfillment in life. And this quest for adventure stretches past the usual “hip” locations to the most unusual, quirky, and unconventional holiday spots worldwide. Many of these places have either been known for their infamy, while some have carried with them an aura of the mystic.

Therefore, this post is for you if you consider yourself bold enough to take on the challenge of chartering the less traveled course. Here we will share five of the most unusual travel destinations best visited with a tour group.

Group tours are one of the safest ways to visit a not-so-popular touristic destination. You might find some of the distant countries culturally very different, making it challenging to organize the trip privately. Group tours take care of providing visas, creating itineraries, and basically doing all the heavy lifting for you. Moreover, you can even decide to go by yourself and still spend time with new friends making memories. 

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

As a die-hard fan of the popular TV show “Game of Thrones,” you may already be familiar with Dubrovnik, which was the primary shooting location of the series. Popular for its long stretches of some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, Dubrovnik is a wonder best explored by a group of friends. But aside from its enchanting shorelines, the city is also home to Fort Lovrijenac and Lokrum Island.

Croatia, being a very affordable country, you are sure to soak in some of the best sights around the ancient city of Dubrovnik even on a lean budget. From its ancient wall and landmark monuments to many of its iconic restaurants, Dubrovnik holds a treasure chest, and it is waiting to be explored by your favorite touring group.


Another demystifying location waiting to be explored by an eclectic tour group is the ancient European country of Kyrgyzstan. Popular for its magnificent mountains and encapsulating landscapes, Kyrgyzstan carries with it an aura of tradition and a sizzling taste of a nomadic lifestyle best enjoyed by a teaming group of quirky adventurers.

To further highlight the mystic associated with this ancient order is its Soviet undertone, which is at once cringing but at the same time alluring. If for anything, Kyrgyzstan is best suited for people who love to explore enclaved adventures on foot. Thankfully, the country is especially warm to tourists. With a fully-functional communal tourism network, you can never feel out of place throughout your stay here.

Sumba, Indonesia

Known as the Bali alternative, Sumba is a relatively less known island in Indonesia. Sitting at a large land expanse, just about an hour-plus trip from the city of Bali, Sumba is an ideal travel destination for a group of avid explorers. Complete with a pageantry of ancient traditions, idle beaches, hill splatters, and traditional village settlements, Sumba is simply in a world of its own.

To get around, your team should hire a driver as the island is much larger than you can imagine, even larger than its more popular Bali contemporary. Surprisingly, you won’t have much in the way of hotel options as things are a bit basic down here. But that’s your cue to keep things interesting and go where the heart takes you.


Who talks about Colombia as a tourist destination? Known for its notoriety as the world’s No. 1 drug cartel capital, the country was first put on the world scene by infamous characters like Pablo Escobar. The drug lord made the South American country a nesting ground for violence and extra-judicial killings, and it was hard seeing the country past that.

But it wasn’t too long ago that we began to see Colombia for its true beauty. Colombia is home to an assortment of enchanting rainforests, coffee plantations, and picturesque colonial settlements. The country celebrates a diversity hinged on culture, family, and nature. And surprisingly, it is a country of really warm and friendly people.

Piacenza, Northern Italy

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the beautifully concealed jewel of Italy, the city of Piacenza. Piacenza is a small ancient city located near the Po river, Emilia Romagna, in Northern Italy. It is one of those traditional off-beat destinations best enjoyed by a team of explorers who like to soak in things at their quintessential level.

Piacenza boasts of centuries of well-preserved history. It is home to some of the most iconic history centers, a coliseum of museums, colorful ancient architecture, and some of Italy’s oldest churches. You can access the city via train from some of the big cities like Milan and Bologna to enjoy its many sightings at their truest elements. Indeed, Piacenza is one of Italy’s landmark cultural sites.

Take On the Road Less Traveled

That’s it for this one. We’ve just explored some of the most unusual travel destinations around the world best suited for a group of avid adventurers. Indeed, some of these places have been around for the longest, but it takes the brute of the fearless to bring them to the spotlight. That is the conundrum best left to you to unravel, lest they remain laid idle in their tranquil and splendor. But then, what’s stopping you?

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