Where To Park In Eindhoven For Sightseeing?

Eindhoven is the fifth-biggest town in the Netherlands and the largest in the south. Also known as “Lichtstad” or the City of Light, Eindhoven is one of the nation’s industrial powerhouses and is famous for its ties to the multinational electronics manufacturer Philips.

Furthermore, Eindhoven is also known for its shopping spree, tourist destinations, and food places. Yet, what is found challenging here is the parking system, which is also known to be expensive. Yet, it is easy to find out about Eindhoven’s parking system if you are riding or driving on your own through maps. 

Renting a car while shopping or sightseeing is a perfect option in Eindhoven. You can rent a car at Eindhoven Airport and roam around your destination conveniently, and ask the rental providers for maps or parking details before you start.

Where to park in Eindhoven

Park in parking zones 

When travelling in Eindhoven, remember parking can be problematic and pricey if you do not know the area well. Even a few hours can cost you a lot. Hence, before you start driving, understand the parking zones. The red, orange and yellow streets here are known as parking zones. However, red is the most expensive parking street, orange is the standard, and yellow is the cheapest. For free parking, look around for green parking zones.

Identify parking areas when shopping

There are several locations where you can shop at low prices in Eindhoven. Yet, one of the major concerns while shopping in these areas is parking. Nevertheless, well-organized parking spots are available in all shopping areas for you to park swiftly. For example, if you visit the Rechtestraat & Demer, parking is not permitted on those streets, but a short distance away in the Tongelresestraat, parking is free for 25 minutes, and then you can pay and park. Remember to avoid the red streets since they have the most costly parking.

Museums with parking facilities

If you are visiting Eindhoven, museums are a must place to see. Excitingly, these museums also provide parking – some for a limited time, and some are near free parking zones. For example, if you visit the Philips Museum, you can get free parking for 13 minutes at Jacobus Deckersstraat and then look for green parking zones. 

At Van Abbemuseum, you can park for 4 minutes free in Methusalemplein, and at DAF Museum you can find multiple free parking spots like in the Kanaaldijk Noord, Kanaaldjik Zuid, and Tongelresestraat. As DAF Museum is located in Stratunseind, the entertainment hub of Eindhoven, do not miss to see around while you find a parking spot in the green zone. As such, locating a parking spot around museums is not so challenging. All you need to do is look carefully at the map or ask the right people.

Spot the right neighbourhood

If you have been finding it hard to locate suitable and free parking areas in Eindhoven, then it is often suggested that you look for green parking zones on the map. Apart from these, a few neighbouring areas like Stratum, Tongelre, Stijp, Gestel, and Woensel_Zuid are known for providing free parking. Thus, when travelling around Eindhoven do not worry about parking. Just find the right spot around your area. 

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