7 One-Day Hikes from Bansko, Bulgaria

The town of Bansko is located in the foot of Pirin National Park – one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. Because of its proximity to the mountains, there are plenty of easy or more advanced hikes nearby to enjoy during your summer trip.

Even though winter hiking in Pirin is also a favourite activity of mine, the following routes are best suited for summertime.

At the end of this list you’ll find links to the detailed hiking routes in the Komoot app, as well as a hiking packing list, safety tips, and useful resources for hiking in Bulgaria.

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  • Muratovo Lake

Muratovo Lake Pirin Bulgaria

Starting Point: Vihren hutLevel: EasyDuration: 2-3 hours

If you’re looking for a chill afternoon in Pirin Mountains, Muratovo Lake is easily accessible from Bansko and Vihren hut. The walk is nice, with no big elevation so you don’t need previous hiking experience. Kids are welcome to join too.

To start, you need to reach Vihren hut which is 30 minutes from Bansko by car or even a taxi. From Vihren hut, follow the signs for Muratovo Lake (Муратово езеро). It will take around 1 hour to reach the lake. Bring some snacks and enjoy a nice afternoon surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. But of course, don’t leave any trash.

  • Muratov Peak

Muratov Peak in Pirin Bulgaria

Starting Point: Vihren hutLevel: MediumDuration: 5-6 hours

If you’ve reached Muratovo Lake and you’re feeling extra strong that day – head over to the overlooking Muratov peak. It’s a good 1-1,3. hours from the lake, depending on your speed. The final part is steep and slow, but it’s worth every sweat drop, I promise.

Muratov peak is 2669m high so you can brag with that to your friends back home. From Muratov peak you can see one of the most beautiful (very subjective!) peaks in Pirin National Park, and the highest one there – Vihren peak.

  • Vihren Peak

Vihren Peak in Pirin mountainsnear Bansko Bulgaria

Starting Point: Vihren hutLevel: Medium/HardDuration: 6-7 hours

You can’t come to Bansko for hiking and not conquer the highest peak in Pirin – Vihren Peak. It’s an absolute classic and a beautiful hike up. It’s a bit more challenging than the previous two but if you’re ready for it, take as many breaks as you need, you’ll be up top in no time (okay, in maybe 3-4 hours).

The views from Vihren Peak are some of the best. You can even spot the infamous Koncheto ridge – a super steep on both sides ridge that takes you from Kutelo to Koncheto peak. I don’t recommend this one to non-experienced hikers but it’s something to aim for

  • Bezbog Lake

Bezbog hut

Starting Point: Bezbog hutLevel: Super EasyDuration: 1 hour

Bezbog lake is accessible after just a short lift ride up. You start at Gotse Delchev hut, take the lift, and in 40 minutes you’ll reach Bezbog hut and the nearby lake. Gotse Delchev hut is just around 30-40 min ride from Bansko in the nearby town of Dobrinishte. Instead of taking the lift, you can also hike up to Bezbog Hut and it will take around 2 hours. Or you can always choose to take the lift up and hike down.

There are two restaurants working in the summer near Bezbog Hut, so you won’t be left hungry. The first lift starts at 8am, and the last lift down is at 16:00. Spend a nice day around the lake or even sleep in the hut for a great starry night sky.

  • Popovo Lake

Popovo Lake in Pirin Bulgaria

Starting Point: Bezbog hutLevel: Easy/MediumDuration: 3-4 hours

If you’re up for some walking, Popovo lake is a great choice for a short, half-day hike from Bezbog hut. The only challenging part is the first hill you have to climb, just opposite the Bezbog hut. After that, the trail becomes quite even and not that demanding. It will take around 1,3 to 2 hours to reach the lake.

  • Bezbog Peak

Bezbog Peak in Pirin Bulgaria

Starting Point: Bezbog hutLevel: MediumDuration: 4-5 hours

You can see Bezbog peak once you reach the hut – it’s a nice and more active hike up to 2645m. It will take around 2 hours to hike to the top. The views to the nearby Bezbog hut and surrounding peaks are spectacular.

If you start early in the morning, you can be back for a delicious lunch in the hut. Keep in mind that the last lift down is at 16:00, so if you don’t plan to sleep in the hut or hike down to the parking lot, you should be wary of the time.

  • Golyam Polezhan Peak

Views from Golyam Polezhan peak Bulgaria

Starting Point: Bezbog hutLevel: Medium/HardDuration: 5-6 hours

This is probably one of my favourite peaks in Pirin – I’ve been there during summer and snwoshoeing in winter and both are equally incredible experiences. I go there a few times a year just to soak in the great scenery from the peak.

I’ve seen the sunset from Golyam Polezhan and it’s a great place for that but keep in mind the hike back is in the dark so you should know the area well. Golyam Polezhan is a bit more challenging than the other hikes in this list but probably the most rewarding one.

Route details:

I’ve loaded the mentioned hiking routes on Komoot app where you can see the duration, elevation, exact location of the starting and ending point, and a few more details. Click on each route for more information and GPS tracking. You can also download the free Komoot app to help you during the hikes.

1️⃣ Vihren Hut – Muratovo lake
2️⃣ Vihren Hut – Muratov peak
3️⃣ Vihren Hut – Vihren peak
4️⃣ Gotse Delchev Hut – Bezbog Hut
5️⃣ Bezbog Hut – Popovo lake
6️⃣ Bezbog Hut – Bezbog peak
7️⃣ Bezbog Hut – Golyam Polezhan peak

Hiking Packing List 

✅ Good hiking boots, hiking poles
✅ Sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
✅ Water (at least 1,5l or 3l for longer hikes) and some food
✅ Charged phone
✅ Wind and waterproof jacket
✅ Backpack
✅ Flashlight
✅ Personal first aid kit

Hiking Safety Tips

🌦 Check the weather forecast in advance
➡️ Always follow the route markers
🥾 Wear reliable hiking shoes
🙋‍♀️ Tell people where you plan to go
🤳 Charge your phone
🔥 It’s forbidden to light a fire in Pirin National Park
🏕 Camping on the National Park territory is forbidden unless on specified camping areas (usually near the huts)

Useful Resources: 

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