How to be a digital nomad in Europe

Europe is an excellent place to be a digital nomad — it’s full of cultural diversity, history, breathtaking landscapes and lively nightlife. Add to it an affordable cost of living, fast internet speed and large international community – what else could a digital nomad wish for? 

In this article we are going to take a closer look at the benefits of living and working in Europe.

Easy to travel from country to country

If you look at the world’s map, you will easily notice how small the countries in Europe are. And it is a great advantage for travelers! Just a few hours by train is all you need to explore the whole European country and sometimes even several ones. 

Getting around is fast and convenient due to the well laid-out public transportation system. You can choose whatever best suits your budget and preferences. It can be a cozy high-speed train, a bus or a ferry, or you can even rent a car, which will be fun when you are traveling with friends along the coast. Air travels are not only fast and easy in Europe, they are often much cheaper than other means of transport. The prices for flights offered by the popular low-cost carriers such as EasyJet and Ryanair start at 10 Euros. A flight within Europe usually takes about 2 – 4 hours, so it’s doable to take a weekend trip to explore a foreign city. 

So Many Diverse Cultures

The small size of Europe doesn’t mean you can quickly get bored there. On the contrary, Europe is very diverse both in landscape and culture. Neighboring countries can have completely different languages, cuisines and traditions, which makes Europe so exciting to live in. 

No two countries are the same. Portugal is great for surfing, while Italy is known for its food and shopping, France is a perfect place for history and fashion lovers, whereas Switzerland is the best choice for those who like mountains and hiking. 


According to the Global Peace Index, Europe is the safest continent in the world with hardly any major risks to one’s life or property. This makes it a perfect destination for all digital nomads, especially for solo travelers and female expats. Police personnel in most parts of Europe is passive and non-violent. They usually speak good English and are trained to interact with the public. 

The only concern that most tourists and visitors may have in major European cities is pickpocketing. Thieves act very “professionally” in touristy areas with large crowds and can easily leave their unsuspecting victim without a camera or a wallet. The way to avoid this is to keep your valuable belongings in a fanny pack rather than in a backpack and try not to walk in dark alleys at night.

Other things you should beware of are taxi scams and ATM frauds, which are also quite popular across Europe.


In general Europe is characterized by a temperate climate, so the weather in the continent is rather mild compared to other parts of the world. Here you will not encounter tornadoes or hurricanes, like in America or earthquakes like in Asia, even hail storms are rare. 

You hate winters and snow? There is no need to go far to escape the cold, you can simply choose a place that you feel comfortable in within Europe. The warmest places are in the south of Europe (Greece, Spain, Italy) featuring Mediterranean climate

Rich history

There is no other place on the planet that has so many historical sites as Europe. Being one of the oldest continents, Europe is steeped in history! Regardless of your destination country, you are sure to find countless attractions to discover, whether you are interested in art, history or music. 

Those who have never been to Europe are often surprised by how old the cities appear. Most countries value their cultural heritage and try to preserve the architecture in its original state even when the buildings are over 1,000 years old.

When it comes to music, Europe is home to the most famous music festivals in the world, such as SONAR Music Festival in Barcelona, Melt Festival in Germany, Sziget Festival in Budapest, Mysteryland Music Festival in the Netherlands to name a few. If you are into classical music, there is a great choice of theatres and operas in Europe which offer various theater and concert shows to every taste.

The museums in Europe are not only educational but also fun for visitors and interactive.  Being a digital nomad in Europe you have a splendid opportunity to discover some brilliant museums from Reykjavík to Athens, shining a light on everything from dinosaurs to modern art. 

The food!

Living and working in Europe has another benefit – its fantastic food! It has a great variety of mind-blowingly delicious dishes that you wouldn’t try anywhere else. Each country and even each region within the country has its own typical cuisine. Just imagine eating pierogi in Poland on one day, trying goulash soup in Hungary on another day and enjoying schnitzel in Germany on the third day! Exploring another city’s culture by discovering world-famous signature dishes and all within a week… isn’t it a dream come true for every gourmet? 

What’s more, food in Europe is considered really healthy. It’s all fresh, natural and authentic. Living and working in Europe while enjoying a truly amazing and healthy culinary experience is definitely worth going for!


With an extremely diverse population and numerous touristy hotspots, there is an excellent expat community in Europe. You definitely won’t feel lonely – all you need to do is make just a little effort! As a digital nomad, you already know that Facebook, Slack and other social media groups can be of great help. You can not only connect with other like-minded nomads locally but also get their advice on places to visit and things to do. Also, don’t hesitate to go out there and talk to locals or use expat forums to look for people to hang out with. People in Europe are nice and friendly – you are sure to find new friends!

Another way to find your tribe is to go for coliving spaces or coworking spaces. They are extremely popular throughout the continent and give you a chance to be surrounded by other nomads just like you.

Guest author: Andy Sto is a digital nomad from Belgium. He has been travelling in 40+ destinations over the past 6 years while running remotely his digital marketing agency, Sendabee. He shares insights and advice to digital nomads & remote workers through his blog

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