Turtlphotos: Share Your Travel Adventures

Unforgettable memories are made when traveling. While seeing and experiencing new, exciting things and capturing precious moments, we always want to share them with the closest ones. One of the best ways to save pieces of our adventures and take them with us is by taking photos of places we visit and things we do and see. Today,  there are plenty of options available to take amazing photos, store them and share them with our friends and family. But most of them don’t assure high privacy but are rather available to a large online audience all over the internet. Thankfully, today’s technology has allowed us to have various options to choose from – like Turtlphotos, an app that allows you to manage visual content with ease and full privacy – with just one download. 

Keep your privacy and make it simple 

Turtlphotos is a photo-sharing and storage app that allows users to privately share photos and videos with their friends and closest ones. Unlike most other apps, Turtlphotos doesn’t use its user’s data and personal information in order to use them for sales activities, but it keeps it private and enables the user to manage content freely. The app is simple and easy to use – all it is required is to select the contacts you want to share your content with, create a group and an album and start taking your photos and videos. The content is automatically shared privately within the selected group. All the shared content remains privately stored within the app, organized in corresponding albums. 


Various features and options

Turtlphotos put its emphasis on privacy and clean user experience, which are two highly appreciated elements nowadays. Here are some cool advantages and features this app offers:

  • It allows sharing content directly, without attachments
  • Clear overview of all the shared content
  • It’s not limited with the size and number of shared content
  • The photos and videos can be posted only by the owner, if not set up differently
  • Content downloads and screenshots are disabled by other users and contacts
  • Option of creating private, locked albums which can be unlocked only with Face ID
  • Extremely easy to use while traveling and sharing real-time content
  • All the group members can comment on the content posted within
  • Editing option – photos can be cropped and edited with filters, emoticons, and text
  • Personal photos and videos can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, directly from an app

The Turtlphotos app can be found and easily downloaded from the App Store for free. In case you’d like to find out the details about how the app works, check it out here.

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