10 Adventure Things To Do in Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina In One Trip

The heart of the Balkan region hides incredible natural gems waiting to be discovered. The surrounding area of Plužine in northern Montenegro and Foča municipality in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina reveal true pristine nature. This area offers an abundance of activities and adventures while exploring beautiful natural landscapes.

Nature Park Piva, National park Sutjeska, Durmitor mountain, Tara River Canyon and road through nature with picturesque views are just a few good reasons to visit this area and plan your next unforgettable trip. 

Thanks to the support of the European Union, Municipalities of Pluzine and Foca gathered to jointly implement the project Tourism, Adrenalin and Rafting Adventure (T.A.R.A) which aims to brand this area as a unique destination for active tourism and to attract and increase the number of tourists and adventurers in this cross-border area.

If you, just like me, are a fan of active holidays, here are some of the most adventurous things to do while there: 

Things to do in Plužine, Montenegro 

1. Rafting on Tara river – the second biggest canyon in the world and the first deepest in Europe

Tara is a river going through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, with 80 kilometers long and 1300 meters deep canyon, which makes it the second deepest in the world, just after Colorado canyon.

Known for its beauty, clear water and strong streams, Tara is one of the top destinations for rafting in Europe which I was lucky enough to experience a while ago. Powerful rapids of Tara river awake the adrenaline within all adventure lovers and put this activity on the top of this list.

rafting on tara drina

Rafting on Tara river

2. Hiking in Plužine – the best scenic viewpoints 

One of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the area of Plužine is Prutaš (2393 m), which offers panoramic views and breathtaking scenery of the Durmitor National Park. 

The abundance of forests, mountain pastures and peaks make this area perfect for hiking. Mountain range Maglic – Volujak- Bioc hides numerous hiking paths and attractions and is nestled above Trnovačko lake of glacial origin, significant for its heart-like shape.

Trnovačko Lake


3. Kayaking on Piva lake – soak up the mesmerizing views 

Kayaking is, without a doubt, one of my most favourite activities out there. If looking for a safe and simple, yet adventurous activity, kayaking on Piva lake would be the answer for you too.

Paddling on the calm, emerald green Piva Lake is not only fun but gives the spectre of breathtaking views from a bit different perspective. Fully equipped kayaks are always available for rent in Plužine.

kayaking in montenegro

Photo: Predrag Vuckovic

4. Slide down the longest zipline in Montenegro

1,400 meters long zipline going above Piva lake offers amazing views while boosting the adrenaline. It is a perfect choice of activity for all adrenaline seekers, willing to experience natural beauties with a dose of excitement, and should definitely be included in your European tour

zipline in Montenegro

5. Free climbing adventure in Plužine

Free climbing is another adventurous activity offered by the municipality of Plužine. The rocky and mountainous surroundings create an ideal atmosphere for this safe and fun sport, which is getting very popular among the youth. This experience includes free climbing on natural rock with marked directions and climbing routes, as well as available climbing equipment.

Free climbing Pluzine

Things to do in Foča, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

6. White water rafting on rivers Tara and Drina

Without a doubt, rafting is the number one activity in this area. The natural beauties Tara and Drina rivers make this place perfect for this activity. The last 25 km of Tara flow passes through the municipality of Foča, where it merges into the Drina river. There are plenty of providers and camps which offer from one to multiple days of rafting experience.

7. Canyoning adventure in Hrčavka Canyon

Exploring the wild canyon using various techniques makes canyoning another adrenaline activity. Canyon Hrcavka is located in National Park Sujetska and it is 13 kilometers long. The canyoning tour lasts for about 5-6 hours and it includes a variety of adventurous activities such as swimming, jumping, diving and discovering waterfalls. 

Canyoning Hrcavka

8. Explore National park Sutjeska and Zelengora mountain 

The municipality of Foča and the area of National park Sutjeska offer plenty of hiking trails with exceptional landscapes and breathtaking views which makes it ideal for all hiking lovers. Zelengora mountain inside the park hides eight glacial lakes also known as the “mountain eyes”, while Rainforest Perućica represents one of the last preserved primeval forests in Europe. There is a beautiful hiking trail to Waterfall Skakavac, one of the greatest natural attractions of Perućica, dropping down the 75-meter cliff.

9. Sand Pyramids – wonders of nature

Nine kilometers from Foča there is a unique attraction that stands out from all the others – Sand Pyramids. This phenomenon is completely natural and created by the influence of various combined natural conditions. Their appearance is compared to the Pyramids in Colorado (USA) and their shape is reminiscent of the Italian Dolomites. This is definitely a must-see while visiting this area.

sandy pyramids

10. Discover the caves of Foča 

The mysterious world of caves is amazing us all over again.The area of Foca hides numerous caves but the two are the most interesting: The Lednjaca cave and Velika Kutlača cave. Ledenjača, or the Ice Cave, hides values and proof of life and culture from the Bronze Age, while Cave Velika Kutlača represents an amazing speleological object which abounds in stalagmites, stalagmites and cave jewelry.

Caves of Foca

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