Arcido Novaya – the carry-on backpack you need for every city trip

I’ll be honest. I’m not the best traveller when it comes to packing. Either I want to take my whole wardrobe and I end up with several pieces of luggage or I take way less things in one small backpack and struggle with lack of important items during my trips… 

I guess what I needed was a little push and I got it exactly on time. A few weeks ago I received my very first smart backpack – Novaya from Arcido.

Exploring parts of Slovenia and Zagreb with the backpack, I can say that it was a lot more comfortable than carrying on luggage on wheels. Besides the comfortable back stripes that make it a backpack, Novaya also has a shoulder stripe and top and side handles. That makes it ideal to carry if your back is tired. So when it comes to comfort, I can say that Novaya has it all. It’s great for city trips and weekend getaways!


Let’s talk about the design of the Novaya bag. What I like about the backpack is that when you don’t wear it, it actually is a suitcase. All the main departments open up like one. That makes it very easy to arrange your luggage inside.

The backpack also has a separate resizable laptop department which makes it even more convenient for people who need their laptop on vacation. Also, the suitcase-like form allows you to just open the backpack and take whatever you need instead of trying to reach the bottom.

What I found out is that the backpack is kind of too big for a girl and it suits better on men. Maybe it’s just me, but because of its bigger-than-a-backpack size it doesn’t fit well on a smaller body size. 


To sum it up, for me, Novaya backpack has two main advantages:

  • Perfect size for city trips – you can fit all the things you need and still have the backpack-like luggage
  • Great design – it’s a good looking backpack with great adaptability and accessibility

This backpack will be our choice of travels from now on because of its convenience for city breaks or weekend getaways – it’s compact but there is still enough space for everything. On top of that, the grey colour suits perfectly to every outfit we chose. 


Arcido Novaya bag only costs £65 which, in my opinion, is definitely worth it.

Another important thing is that Arcido is launching a Kickstarter campaign for another great carry-on backpack.The new backpack is 100% waterproof, has adaptable laptop compartment, document holder and again it’s perfect for organized travel. 

You can find and follow Arcido here: Website | Kickstarter | Facebook | Instagram

*Many thanks to Arcido for providing us with Novaya bag! All opinions shared in this post are my own and I am happy I have the chance to introduce Novaya to my readers!