10 Reasons to Fall in Love With Big Berry Camp in Slovenia

I’ll be honest. It’s not love at first sight. It takes time until Big Berry camp at Kolpa river in Slovenia goes under your skin and enchants you with its invisible magic. “How much time?”, you may ask…

A second.

(Too cheesy? Nah, you can handle it)

It takes only a second until you fall in love with Big Berry. Because Big Berry is not only a place. It’s a feeling, an idea, a lifestyle. Big Berry is a combination of things that make it what it is.

And exactly those ‘things’ I call reasons. Reasons to fall in love with Big Berry Lifestyle Resort in Slovenia:


1. The campsite itself

Big Berry is brand new, luxurious campsite in the small town of Primostek in Slovenia. It is located on the river Kolpa and on the opposite side of the camp you can see Croatia.

Well, it’s not that different than Slovenia when you look at it, but the idea is kinda impressive, right? Just imagine – drinking your morning coffee or tea on the porch of one of the Big Berry’s houses in Slovenia, overlooking Croatia and probably talking with a Vietnamese (or other member of the international team at Big Berry)… Nice, right! 

You can also play sand volley, join the morning fitness training, ride a canoe in the river or just jump in it… There is something for everyone in Big Berry. 


2. The amazing Slovenian hospitality

You’ll feel welcomed not only in Big Berry but in the whole region! Everyone is ready to talk to you, to show you around, to give you their bread, wine or beer. I felt like a foreigner at home around every Slovenian I met. In Bela Krajina, the region where Big Berry camp is, everyone seems happy and friendly.

But, when I think about it now, maybe it’s because of the wine. The region is famous for its amazing wine produced by several local wineries. Also, almost every house has its own small winery in the backyard. And who wouldn’t be happy with that much wine? (; But more about that later…


3. The beautiful scenery

I’ve heard that Slovenia is insanely beautiful but I didn’t know that was so true. Blue skies, green landscapes, lush hills… every time you look around you can see what I’m talking about. The nature around the Big Berry camp is also pretty picturesque.  


4. The peaceful mornings

… and afternoons, and evenings, but especially the mornings. When you wake up, it’s the most peaceful time of the day. The morning mist, the sound of the river, the surrounding nature… A view to remember. 

If you happen to visit Big Berry camp, try waking up at around 7 am while the camp is still sleeping and take a walk in the resort area… it will be worth it!

big-berry-kolpa-slovenia5. The local products

We are always talking how important it is to support the local community and producers. Well, Big Berry takes this very seriously. Everything the camp team do is to support and show local producers to every visitor. There are workshops and other events regularly organized for Big Berry’s guests in partnerships with various local producers in Bela Krajina region.

You will find and taste local wines from Malnarič-Nampel Winery, beers from Pivovarna Vizir, honey from Cebelarstvo Veselic, milk, cheese and beauty products from our favourite Zlati Ghee, skin products from Apl Stories and many more.

On top of that, local restaurants serve amazing Slovenian meals for Big Berry’s visitors – Gostilna Muller in Crnomelj, Gostišče Veselič and Pri Starem Pildu in Metlika are some of them. If you find yourself in the region, ask for the special Big Berry treatment. 


6. The great wine

Aaaand let’s get to the point. If you love wine, you will have the best time in Big Berry camp. Red, white (and here’s where my knowledge about type of wines ends) and all sorts of wine are waiting for you in the camp or in any of Big Berry’s local partners – Malnarič-Nampel Winery and Pivovarna Vizir. We also enjoyed a surprising wine degustation with Andreja in Gostišče Veselič – the funniest wine tasting ever!

Also, a national wine road passes through Bela Krajina region in Črnomelj, Metlika and Semič. Along this road you can visit wine shops, wine growers, tourist farms, accommodation facilities, etc. and enjoy some wine tastings and workshops on your way. But if you visit Big Berry camp, you will have the privilege to taste some of the best local wines from Slovenia. 


7. The luxury of freedom

The idea of Big Berry brand is to connect these two powerful words that, at first look, doesn’t have much in common – ‘luxury’ and ‘freedom’.

Big Berry represents the luxury of ultimate accommodation comfort with the freedom and peace of a natural environment. That’s exactly what you feel while you are in the camp. The luxury inside the mobile houses and the freedom you feel outside are undoubtable. 


8. The spectacular sites nearby

Big Berry Lifestyle Resort is located in a quite area near a river, opposite to Croatia. Despite its relative distance from the central parts of Slovenia, it is a well connected region. You can get to the famous Lake Bled in around 1,30 h. Walk around the Bled Castle and take a boat on Lake Bled to enjoy gorgeous views. 

Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle are other spectacular sites worth visiting not far from Big Berry. On the western side of Slovenia, you can visit the incredible Soca Valley which will impress you with scenic landscapes and crystal-clear waters of river Soca.

Just near the camp you can visit the 15th century Metlika Castle. Inside, there is the Bela Krajina Museum where you can learn more about the history and present of the region. Otok Airplane DC3 is another site near the camp that is good for an afternoon relax walk. It represents the memory of Bela Krajina and the other Slovenian airports during the national liberation struggle. Other secret spots can also be found near Big Berry but I’ll leave them as a surprise for your visit. 


9. The delicious food

Slovenian cuisine’s taste is pretty similar to the Balkan cuisines. That’s why I find it very delicious myself. Rich flavours, a lot of cheese products, tasty desserts… Also, it’s very easy to find vegetarian meals in every Slovenian restaurant. Hint: definitely try the mushroom soup, pogaca and Bled cream cake… mmm…Can’t wait to come back for those.


10. The festive spirit, positive vibe and good people

Last but not least, the atmosphere in Big Berry camp is vibrant and lovely thanks to its people who spread positive vibes everywhere. The region is also full of festive spirit with all the events happening regularly.

Big Berry team spread joy all around and can make the grumpiest person happy and cheerful. When you meet them, you will know what I’m talking about. 


For me, one week was absolutely enough to fall in love with Big Berry camp in Slovenia and its people. The place is absolutely gorgeous not only because of the location and the nature, but because of the idea behind Big Berry – cheerful place supporting locals and providing the luxury to be free and peaceful! On top of that, the concept of Big Berry can be reproduced everywhere in the world. 

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  • Dear Maria, what a great blog post. I am really proud to live in Slovenia which is so diverse country. I just got a desire to drive from outdoor mekka of Soca valley to peaceful Bela krajina. Vesna