6 Serene and Relaxing Destinations in Australia

Australia is the tourist hub with a variety of mood making destinations. This country is one of its kind travel destination that offers more than just a holiday to its visitors. Although a huge segment is covered with deserts, at the same time there are more than enough relaxing, serene and fun filled adventurous places that make it the hot travel goal.

The peace

As said, Australia has more to offer than just its fashionable brands and modern architecture. If you’re looking for an absolutely relaxing and rejuvenating environment, the country has plenty to give you. And here are the top 6 serene and relaxing destinations in Australia.

1. Cairns

The best place where you can find peace and feel calm is Cairns. Its nearness to the Great Barrier Reef makes it the most visited destination in Australia that gives you a fascinating lifetime experience. You can relax your mind by exploring the reef, relaxing on the beach, ride the hot air balloon to catch the aerial view or take the zoo safari. Cairns is and will always be an impeccable relaxing destination.

barrier reef(1)

2. Adelaide

Also known as the “City of churches”, Adelaide is also the capital city of South Australia. The absolutely peaceful environment and the stunning scenes are like a treat to the eyes which instil the best in you. Visit the numerous vineyards, especially Barossa Valley where the finest wine is made. Take the Barossa tour and enjoy the finest wines of the world in an absolutely serene surrounding.

3. 12 Apostles

Drive by the amazing 12 Apostles, a group of limestone rocks along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. With its perfect scenery and the beautiful view under the perfect weather conditions, you can just sit here for hours, loosing yourself into the calmness this place has to offer.

12 Apostles

4. Uluru

If you have been to Australia and have not been to Uluru to watch its beautiful sunrise, you have missed a great deal. The amazingly beautiful sunrise over this sandstone in Northern territory gives an unprecedented experience to you. Peaceful, serene and relaxing… This place just blows your mind.


5. Kakadu

Kakadu is one of the most breathtaking places you can visit in Australia after the Great Barrier Reef. It is a protected territory and park which offers a very close encounter with nature. Do visit the Twin falls here to experience the peace in the sound.

6. Dampier salt flats in Pilbara

The beautiful salt flats don’t attract too many tourists but if you’re looking to find peace, this place can be a good pick. The salt flats here somehow give a feeling of being nowhere but somewhere at the same time.

coral reef

Get lost in peace

Of course there is no looking beyond. If you are looking for a trip with the family to take a break from your daily chores and enjoy, it is advised that you get your Australian Visas ready and the bags packed. After all, it is time to fly off and get lost to find the peace and serenity for a lifetime experience in Australia, which, you really do need.

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  • I’d definitely want to see the “City of Churches”, Adelaide is so beautiful in photos.
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