TBEX Athens 2014: 6 Essential Tips for First Time TBEXers and Big Thank you


I just recently got back from my first ever travel blogger conference – TBEX Athens, and it was awesome! I never thought I would meet so many colorful, funny, crazy, friendly, kind people who share the same passion as I do. I learned a lot, I laughed a lot and I miss it already so much. Anyways, I just wanted to share my experiences at TBEX.

Lessons Learned: If you are going to attend your first travel conference, I hope you find these 6 essential tips helpful:

  1. Talk to everyone – when you are waiting for the lunch or for the next session, just talk to the person next to you. Everyone has a unique story and you might find it inspiring. 
  2. Don’t just throw your business cards to everyone – it was super weird to see how people just hand their business cards without even talk to the other person. Just make a meaningful conversation first, it’s worth it. 
  3. Ask questions during sessions – put your name out there. This is another creative way to be remembered. But only ask it if you mean it.
  4. Sign the business cards you recieve – very important! At the end of the day, believe me, you won’t remember whose card you got. That’s why I love the ones with pictures. 
  5. Expect to have no time for yourself – during the conference you will always be running around – for sessions, parties, meetings, etc. Don’t expect to just sit and not doing anything. 
  6. Try to remember who you met and greet them when you see them – it’s not nice if you see a person you met the night before and he doesn’t even say hi. Make an effort and remember the face of the people you talk to. Then greet them kindly when you meet them again.

That’s what I learned from the social perspective. But there’s so much practical information to take from the sessions. It’s time for me to pick up my notes and start working on my blog!

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But before to say goodbye I want to thank to all of the wonderful people I met:

Thank you, Adrian, for telling me about TBEX and for your consistent push. Thank you, Lucy and Jenna, who were the first ones I met in Athens at the Travel Massive party and helped me to overcome my fear of meeting people :D. Special thanks to my roommates Leesha and Yara, and Kate from the other room. You are so inspiring in your own unique way. I want to come to UK, Portugal and Canada and give you a big hug. Thank you, Stacey and Els, you’ve been a great conference buddies. Thank you, Heather and John, Cassandra, Claus, Lukey for the nice talks during TBEX. Thanks to Margherita and Nick, who were one of the few at TBEX who have heard about me. A special thanks to Marco! You know why.  Thank you, Sabina. I finally met you. Hope to have the chance to talk to you longer. Also, thank you, Elizabeth, Franzi, Tikva, Erica, Gaurav, for the nice last evening in Athens. Thank you, Adriana – the other Bulgarian at TBEX. You rock! And for all the other wonderful people I met – thank you, too! Everyone is such an inspiration for me!

And the big question: Who is going in Costa Brava or Thailand for the next TBEX?

TBEX Athens


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Travel blogger and tourism graduate from Bulgaria, working in the field of Digital Marketing and PR for travel brands.

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  • Great insight! I reeeeeally want to go to the Costa Brava conference in the spring, but it will only happen if I get a new job (my current job doesn’t give me enough days off to do TBEX and the May 2015 trip we’re planning). Fingers are crossed!

  • Maria!
    This is such a great post! I couldn’t have suggested better tips myself! I will literally engrain these tips into my brain for the next conference! I’m planning to go to Costa Brava! What about you?!

    It was so nice to meet such a wonderful, beautiful and down to earth girl like you

  • Will definitely be at Costa Brava and Bangkok! Can’t wait. It was such a great conference, I’m so happy you came. Can’t wait to meet up again 😀 Maybe even have time to hang out this time…. haha!

  • Great post Maria! It was great to share my first TBEX with you 🙂 Hope to share this one in Costa Brava as well, and in Thailand and wherever :))))))

  • Great post with really great advices! I don’t think we actually met there! There were indeed WAY too many interesting people, bummed I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know EVERY single one of them 🙂

  • Hej Nice to meet you at TBEX and great to read your recap. I think I will go to Spain as well probably bring husband and daugther to.