DIY Instagram Photobook

diy Instagram photobook

Instagram has become an important platform for travellers all around the world, including me, and it’s a fantastic source for creating a unique photo book from our travels.

But digital pics are not the same as the physical ones. That’s why I decided to make myself a Photobook with some of my favourite Instagram pictures. Here’s how I made my Instagram Photobook and how you can make one too!

How to make an Instagram Photobook by yourself

What you need:

DIY album covers: 21х17 cm

10 album pages: 22х16 cm

21 Instagram pictures: 13×13 cm (1:1)

1. Assemble your album pack

I bought my DIY photo album pack from an online shop here in Bulgaria but I am sure you can find these packs in other places, too. The packs are super easy to put together, as you can see on the video in the end of this post.

My pack came with everything I needed in order to build an album/book. The 10 black pages were very well divided in the book so it could “breath”. 

diy instagram photobook


2. Stick the Instagram photos to each page

Next thing you need to choose is your favourite Instagram photos.

It can be really hard to choose only 21 but you can make different books for different occasions or destinations, i.e. “Paris Instagram Photobook” or “Asia Instagram Photobook”. Sort the photos and stick them with dry glue to each page. 


diy instagram photobook


3. Create your front cover

Go on until you stick all 20 photos inside the photobook. Leave the last and your most favourite for the front cover. You can also get a pen and write something next to each photo, a date or anything else. 

Then glue the best photo on the front cover. I left mine without anything written but I may put some title of the photobook. 


diy instagram photobook


4. Enjoy your Instagram Photobook

This DIY Instagram Photobook can become a great present for your friends or family members. DIY gifts are always better because they show real commitment and care for that person. This photobook is also way cheaper than what you can buy from the Internet. 


diy instagram photobook


Or watch this DIY video: 

In this video you will see all steps to creating your Instagram Photobook. The hardest part is finding those DIY album packs but with some time spent on Google I am sure you will find them. When I got all the parts it didn’t take longer than 10 minutes. See for yourself: 

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  • Oh this has 100% made it onto my Christmas gift to-make list. I love this specific kit. The black really makes the photos pop! I also can’t believe I wasn’t following you on Instagram. You’ve got some fantastic shots on there. Followed and problem solved!