Dreaming of Tuscany – Reasons to Visit the Heart of Italy

Mentioning of Tuscany inevitably brings an instant smile to your face. If only you could live there permanently! All those famous names, the museums, galleries, buildings and bridges that are connected with this province would be enough to last a lifetime – or at least half of one.

Art and history

A trip down memory lane of arts history would be the pastime of opera lovers, admirers of sculptures and pictures of the big dimensional type. The sound of names of towns such as Pisa, Perugia or Florence resonates in the ears of culture lovers world-wide. So, if you are one of them, this is the place to be!

florence-cathedral-tuscanyPhoto: Florence Cathedral/Pixabay

Tuscany Lifestyle

Tuscany has much more to offer to its visitors than those phenomenal pieces or witnesses of ancient or modern art. There is a lifestyle that attracts foreigners and makes them feel as though they had by chance arrived in paradise.

This specific making of paradise consists of landscapes to dream of, cypresses adorning the quiet, sleepy roads in the countryside, giant oleander plants greeting form far away…

An afternoon in the sun, spent on the lawn of your cottage or at some hidden away lake – and you will know what is so very paradisiacal about this region. Scents, discreet noises, the very peace of a lazy afternoon when the world stops turning – have you dreamed about anything else but this Tuscan version of peace? You might even consider buying a place in this peaceful setting. Quite a few people have done just that before you.


Food Temptations

As if all this was not reason enough to travel to Tuscany, there is food and drink. This can be a more refined affair, but Tuscan food can also be of the more rustic manner.

If you love pasta you have found your haven. Try those nice filled ravioli, try spaghetti pomodoro or linguine, you will know what pasta has to taste like. And those wines that go with the territory! You try one of the wines the host has on offer for special guests – a good, honest brand is bound to please your palate.

Fresh herbs that go with your food, fresh salads, all this is to be enjoyed in peace, maybe with the sun setting in front of you.


A dream may come true if you go to Tuscany. So go for it!

Guest Author: Phillip is a Tuscany local who loves to convince people why this Italian gem is a place to be.

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