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Prepare to start drooling! This is a colorful list of delicious meals, dishes, desserts from around the world. This food is going to make you dream of visiting the country where it’s from. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. Spargel or white asparagus, Germany – Corinne from Reflections Enroute

Germany is famous for its spargel or white asparagus.  It is a dish often served in late spring early summer and comes in many varieties, the most famous is just peeled, boiled, and served with boiled potatoes and Hollandaise sauce, and probably the second favorite is in a cream soup. I love it on toast with ham and cheese grilled on it.  Yum!  I highly suggest that anyone traveling through Germany give it a try. 



2. Truffade, France – Jameela, the one behind Diary of a Serial Expat 

This is called Truffade and it’s basically a dish made with thinly sliced potatoes, cooked in a large pan and covered with melting cheese, preferably the local Auvergne cheese known as Tome Fraiche. Onions and garlic can be added but optional. 

This is one of my favourite dish of all times. I’ve travelled some and lived as an expat away from France for the last 12 years and everytime i go back to France i cannot wait too long before asking for a Truffade. It’s just unbelievably tasty and cheesy, perfect for cold winter days and i just love the feeling that you’re glued to your seat once you’ve finished your plate. Not recommended if you’re trying to lose weight.



3. Paella, Spain –  Laura and Tanbay from Travelling Weasels

This is a photo of the best paella we’ve ever. It was unbelievably filling, delicious and fresh! We had it this year in Southern Spain where we were house sitting.

Laura Tanbay


4. Traditional tapas dish, Spain Bryony from Find A Happy Place

This is a traditional tapas dish of grilled asparagus, Iberica ham and an impossibly deep yellow egg. All seasoned perfectly and bursting with flavour. Crumbs alive, it was so unbelievably tasty! I was sitting in the Spanish sunshine at a local hole-in-the-wall place called De Locos Tapas just outside the centre of Ronda in Andalucia, a town built across a breathtaking natural gorge.

The owner of the restaurant was incredibly charismatic and he lovingly introduced each dish one by one. As well as the dish below, we tried delicious crab salad, mini lamb tagines,and fresh young broad beans with ham, all washed down with plenty of Alhambra beer. It was the perfect day. Suffice to say, I needed a siesta afterwards…. 



 5. Basashi, Japan – Maria & Espen from Nerd Nomads

While in Tokyo, we stumbled across a small Japanese Izakaya bar that was packed with people and even had a queue outside. We just had to check it out! Here is one of the dishes we tried, called Basashi, raw horse meat sashimi dipped in soy sauce with ginger. We also had greek salad with raw horse meat and slightly grilled horse meat with bean sprout. Everything was really tasty, but the sashimi was a little bit tough to chew. Sakura (raw horse meat) is a BIG thing in Japan, and especially in Tokyo.

Nerd Nomads


6. Assorti Salad, BulgariaNina, Rebecca, Maria, Ellie from Eat Stay Love Bulgaria

We are four young girls who absolutely love eating and a restaurant can rarely challenge us with the size of its portions. This is why we were stunned when we found Hadjidraganovite Izbi Restaurant! We absolutely loved their salad which is a rare combination of traditional Bulgarian tastes and contains in it everything a foreigner visiting this place should have tried before they leave the country. If you ever come to Bulgaria: do try the Assorti Salad there! You won’t regret it!

Eat Stay Love


7. Chuối chiên, Vietnam – Natasha from The Boho Chica

A particularly enjoyable dessert I sampled in Vietnam was Chuối chiên. It can be simply described as a deep fried banana fritter. I visited the mountain town of Sapa in winter and this warm dessert with the crispy coating perfectly complementing the soft banana inside was very comforting on chilly evenings. The place that I frequented made it even better by topping it with warm chocolate sauce. It was pure happiness on a plate! 



8. Wensleydale, England – Karen from World Wide Writer and Bewitched Italy

This picture was taken at the Wensleydale Creamery, at Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales, England. There are over 700 different types of cheese produced in Britain, and Wensleydale (which comes in several varieties) has a distinctive creamy, crumbly texture. It is particularly good when eaten with apple pie or fruit cake!



9. Roast dinner, Australia – Lyn and Steve from A Hole in my Shoe  

Noting beats an old fashioned roast meal.  When abroad one bite brings me straight back to memories of home.  My favourite is juicy tender roast pork with gravy made from the pan juices with apple sauce and roast vegetables. Whether it is my favourite pork or lamb, chicken or beef, I like it served with roasted potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato, cauliflower cheese, corn and peas and a generous drizzle of gravy.  



10. Cinnamon bun, Sweden – Sim from Travel Hacks

Since our August trip to Stockholm (and my research before the trip) I’ve been obsessed with everything Scandinavian, especially Swedish baking. Take their buns for instance. They remind me of a cozy armchair with a pillow behind your back, sitting tucked under a warm blanket, sipping a tea and looking out of the window in the middle of Autumn. Having a real Swedish cinnamon bun means I can have my own ‘fika’ wherever I am in the world, enjoying quiet moments with something tasty and thinking about my loved ones.

To tell the truth, the cardamon and cinnamon buns on the photo weren’t bought in Sweden but they come very close to originals. Fortunately there is a Scandinavian bakery in London so I can daydream about Sweden and enjoy proper Swedish pastry anytime! 


Which one of the above would you try first? Comment below. I, personally, am dying to taste the truffade or paella!

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  • This post turned out great Maria! Wow, all these dishes look delicious!! I`m getting really hungry here! 🙂 Thanks for sharing our raw horse meat experience from Japan! 🙂

  • Maria, Great post! Who doesn’t love food? Thanks for having my spargel! All of it looks absolutely scrumptious!

  • Thank you for having me and my Truffade… funny the post got online today… sorry got to leave you, lunch is ready and guess what i’ve having today??? Yep Truffade (no kidding). Gotta go eat…

  • Thanks for sharing the one thing that unites all our travel stories… food. Thank you so much for inviting me to participate. There is no greater opportunity for our story telling from our travels than sharing a roast with our family.

  • These foods look amazing! They make me want to travel to each place, just to try the food. Can’t wait to check them all off the list!

  • Oooh, the basashi looks good! I love regular sashimi and am always looking for new things to try :-). PS I subscribed to your list. Would love to collab on a post in the future 😉

  • I’ve been planning to try the Hollandaise sauce for ages without knowing it’s so popular in Germany, nice to know! Truffade sounds like a next thing to try in my kitchen, especially with evenings getting longer. Thanks for sharing all these inspirations and also a big thank you for the chance to join the bunch!

  • I have an obsession with Greek salad and Japanese gyoza 🙂

  • Hi Maria,

    Lovely post! The Paella is definitely a must-try dish ; ) Do check out our Italy Hosts page on BonAppetour – if one is keen to try Paella, there isn’t a better way than to dine with local homecooks ; p


    PS. Drop us a mail if you’re coming by to Italy, we’d love to recommend you our best dining experiences!

  • My apologies, this was the page I meant to share with you – Hosts in Span []. There’re paella cooking classes as well ; )