Top 5 Offbeat Destinations Around the World

It is always good to travel to new places. One gains life experience through traveling to different destinations in the world which win people’s interest. There are some places where one expects to find many tourists because they are famous with their beauty and wonderful appearance. Nevertheless, some destinations in the world are unusual and are not what most people are wishing to tour. These places are said to be offbeat.

A destination of this type is not very popular among weekend travelers, not a religious destination, cannot be enjoyed during winter or summer, difficult to access in terms of transport and has few options for overnight stay. After a one day visit to unusual place, one cannot think of going back to that place again in life. Some of these offbeat destinations include:


This is a small town located in the district of Kullu. The people here are not civilized in any way. It is always cumbersome to trek the many kilometers before reaching this place. One has to wear good trekking shoes when touring this destination. Above all, a person has to carry own food as there are no restaurants around the area. Generally it is hectic to walk around here as it involves a lot of walking hours.


Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

One of the top ten known offbeat destinations in the world. This place is very dry. Some years back, Europe had placed restriction for its citizens never to visit this place because of the worrying conditions around. Later, they only advocate for educational trips and family tours because all will depend on the peoples interest.


The place with the most frightening stone in the world. The stone looks like a human being with head and fingers and every external part of the body that a man possess. The stone is also listed as world’s UNESSCO historical heritage. The fact behind this statue is that people took 90 years making it. This surprises many who come to see this big stone, as it escaped damaged by earthquake in 2008.




A place where unfavorable climate for most tourist is found. The town is wet and dry. The place also experiences high relative humidity which is wiped away by unpleasant winds. Generally the climate of this place is unique with rainfall occurring for almost seven months a year




The most unique feature with this place is Avery Long River that flows through a plain. A tall building called a clock tower is found here.

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The same process followed when visiting the most famous destinations in the world should also be followed when visiting offbeat destinations in the world. One should Apply Visa to enable him or her the mandate to tour all this places. However many of these places have unique characteristics and even though one never dream of returning to them again, they provide life experience. Visiting these places is also a form of pleasure. People learn through experiences. Therefore, visiting these places gives one a chance to choose where to go and not.

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