Travel Makers: Hitchhiking throughout Europe for Social Projects

Travel Makers

A few weeks ago I asked you a question: Is it possible to have fun, travel through Europe, make street art and on top of that do something useful like raising funds for social projects? Now we are a 100 percent sure about the answer: YES!

I presented you the story about Travel Makers – a project of group of people who had the idea to hitchhike from Berlin to Istanbul starting from 6th of August till 28th of September. While they did the adventure of the year they were raising funds by street art performances in order to support local causes and foundations.

Today Travel Makers made it to Istanbul. A week before they were staying in Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria, where they had really amazing time. I met them during their stay in Sofia where they presented the trip so far and the launch of their indiegogo campaign.

Travel Makers

Travel Makers in Berlin – the starting point

What they have been doing during their trip from Berlin to Istanbul?

They started with a kickoff party in Berlin the last night before the trip started. First, they hitchhiked to Wroclaw in Poland. Then they were headed to Slovakia. They visited Hungary and Romania as well.

During their journey throughout Europe, the participants took part in volunteer work in various locations on the route.

Hitchhiking: “Back on the road with our thumb raised up high in the air, we caught a few memorable rides as on a motorcycle, an empty travel bus or a farmers car covered in pig-shit. Also you get to meet interesting personalities such as someone who takes 7 hitch-hikers at a time or an insane driver heading 140km/h through the mountains of Slovakia”

Travel Makers


Street Art: Travel Makers Project is all about making the world a better place and they leave the places more beautiful in order to set a positive sign. They also play live music in the streets which is how people see them and hear about them during their trip.

Travel Makers

Street art in Slovakia

Travel Makers

Street art in Romania – Giuliana and Lea

Travel Makers

Street art in Romania

Travel Makers

Street art in Wroclaw – Lea and Ia

Travel makers

Playing music in Sighisoara, Romania

Social Projects: Travel Makers visited a youth association in Hungary called Koz pont egyesulet. There they played some music, some of the kids learned how to play violin. The organization cares about social responsibility in a way of giving homes and a well structured space for children and their families in Debrecen, Hungary.

Travel Makers

Helping in Hungary

Travel Makers also helped out in a local soup kitchen in Sighisoara, Romania.

Travel Makers

Helping in soup kitchen, Romania

They also made a trash collection flashmob  and organized a street workshop in Romania.

Travel Makers

Trash collection flashmob in Sighisoara, Romania

Travel Makers did a great social project in Debrecen, Hungary. They helped in a local shelter for homeless families where they painted and played with kids.

Travel Makers

Helping in local shelter for homeless families, Hungary

Climbing and hiking: As they say, one of the highlights of the Travel Makers project was hitchhiking the Transfaragasan, the second highestroad in Romania (2034m) and made it to Balea Lake. They also climbed in Craiova with local climbing instructor.

Travel Makers

Balea Lake, Romania

Sofia: In late September Travel Makers made it to Sofia, Bulgaria where they spent a few days. They presented their project and made a perfect night with music and chat. After that they hitchhiked to Sozopol, Bulgaria and then ended up in Istanbul.

Travel Makers

Playing some music in the event in Sofia, Bulgaria

How can you help?

Travel Makers still raise money for a social project in Istanbul – Small Projects Istanbul – for Syria – a social project dedicated to the education and welfare of Syrian refugees in Turkey. The funds raised will help to purchase furniture, food supplies, education materials and art supplies for a newly acquired refugee center in Istanbul. You can donate on their indiegogo page and there are surprises waiting out for you as well! You can also check Travel Makers Project website.

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    This is such a great project and a fun way to travel. Guaranteed to make a difference, have fun and travel. Let’s do this Maria! Lets plan a trip for next summer! 🙂