Travel Makers: Hitchhiking from Berlin to Istanbul with a purpose

The Travel Makers

Is it possible to have fun, travel through Europe, make street art and on top of that do something useful like raising funds for social projects? Oh, you bet it is! A group of people are doing it as we speak.

Travel Makers is a project about not only travelling with committed and motivated people but also about doing something worthwhile for other people in need.

These are people who will hitchhike from Berlin to Istanbul (the whole route) starting from 6th of August till 28th of September. While they’re doing the adventure of the year they’re raising funds by street art performances or online in order to support local causes and fundations.

“We want to demonstrate that hitchhiking is a serious alternative way of traveling. Above that, we intend to show that you can have a great adventurous journey on a low budget while doing something worthwhile for other people”, say the initiators of the project – Ahmed and Jorin.

The Travel Makers can be considered as a platform or hub for every participant to create their own project upon it. The hitchhikers want people to use their skills and the things they have learned in life to use it for something useful.

The Travel Makers

“So in this way, this journey is not only for our own pleasure but has an aim, a reason to go for other than just for your everyone's own sake”.

Who can participate?

The Travel Makers project is basically open for everybody who is ready to have this adventure on the road. Of course one should have a certain degree of open-mindedness as it is the nature of this journey that unexpected things are going to happen with which everyone individually has to deal sometimes.

The project makers are looking for people with certain efficiency and proactivity, independency and endurance are also important. It’s a global project and it’s open to all nationalities, although participants have to deal with their own visa issues that might come up.

So far the Travel Makers project has about 25 applications of which 15 have confirmed their attendance. But the initiators are expecting more and more applications the closer the kickoff is. Travel Makers have applicants from the US, from Israel, Chili, India, Russia and even China now. The deadline 8th of August! (Join here)

Bulgaria, a.k.a. my home country, is also in their route. For now the hitchhikers will go through Plovdiv and Sozopol (one of my own favorite towns in Bulgaria).

The Travel Makers

Here are some questions that Ahmed and Jorin were very nice to answer since their schedule is pretty busy planning the trip.

– What do you think of Bulgaria and why did you choose Pleven and Sozopol?

In terms of hitchhiking it is maybe not the pure paradise but it works pretty well even if you don't speak the language and Cyrillic is a mystery to you. Bulgaria has in my eyes many treasuries to discover and a great Black Sea cost (disregarding those all-inclusive tourist areas like Golden Beach, Albena and so on).

The places we chose are not confirmed yet and might change again. Basically we take care that they are within a reachable hitchhiking distance of one day and that it is convenient for us. Too big cities are difficult because it is hard for our group to stay together. Too small and remote places are nice to have a break for once, but we also want to reach out to people. Pleven might be changed again (we got the secret advice Veliko Tarnovo for instance), Sozopol is out of my own experience a pretty good place for finishing our trip on a beach place having some people around at the same time to have some street art.

– What are your expectations from the trip?

First of all we hope that everyone will enjoy this trip and will pull through without major difficulties. Above that we hope that there will be more individual projects that are going to be realized, more publicity, more awareness, more donations and of course mind-blowing experience again. My personal aim is to have a proper documentary out of this trip which has the potential to be presented in some cinemas and film festivals.

A message from the Travel Makers: How can you help?

Not everyone is a professional adventurer, still people can help and support us. With a Like on our FB page or posting our website on their FB wall they help us tremendously to spread the word and to share the spirit.

And of course people can donate us some money which goes to the social projects that we are going to support. Confirmed is the one in Istanbul that is dedicating to Syrian refugees. At the moment we are thinking about if we take another one in Romania.

However, every donation is being rewarded by us with a self-made postcard from a place of choice where we are going to pass with the trip.

A short version of a former Travel Makers Project:

Find the Travel Makers: Facebook, Twitter, Website, Donate

Have you ever tried hitchhiking? What's your advice for new hitchhikers and why travelers should do it?


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