20 things to do while not travelling

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Are you thinking about travel all the time but you still have 2 weeks to your next weekend trip? You are not alone… Most of us, who can’t travel all the time, are constantly thinking about where to go next.

The thing is, when you’re home you have to find something to keep your wanderlust going. Here are 20 ideas of things to do while not travelling that I personally find inspiring: 

1. Cook a meal from a different country for a week

Why not try cooking Italian spaghetti on Monday or some Turkish kunefe on Friday? Cooking a meal from a different country will give you some great time to dream about travelling. Check out my collab post on food from around the world for some more ideas.

2. Send postcards to all your foreign friends

Sending a postcard is a perfect way to get your friends something special from your country. Connect with your international friends the old fashioned way. You’ll see it’s super fun and authentic. 

3. Explore your own city

If you stay at one place most of the time and travel part time, great way to keep your wandwelust going is to explore your own city. The chances are your town is full of amazing spots that just wait to be discovered.

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4. Make a travel guide

You’ve visited Rome more than any of your friends and relatives? You know every hidden spot in London? Share your knowledge with others in the form of a practical travel guide. 

5. Call an old friend and hang out together

It is always good to catch up with old friends over a beer or two. For even better meet up, head to an interesting event in the town or visit a new cafe. 

6. Read books or travel guides… or write one

Books will take you to another world. Books about travel are even greater. They teach you about other cultures, traditions and customs. That’s how you maintain your wanderlust. You may also find a new place you want to visit. “A better life for half the price” from Tim Leffel is perfect for that.

Another idea is to start writing one – a travel guide to your city or a novel inspired by your personal travel experiences… 

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7. Watch the travel show you always wanted to but never got time

I can spend hours and hours watching House Hunters International or Hotel Impossible on Travel Channel. These kind of shows allow me to dream about having a home around the world or providing one to travellers. Give them a try.

8. Plan your next trip

Planning a trip is my favourite. Log in your favourite website for flights and find where is the cheapest one going in a month. This may be your next memorable adventure.

9. Have dinner at a restaurant with foreign kitchen every once in a while

The city you live in is full of restaurants that serve foreign kitchen – Chinese, Indian, Thai. Make a reservation, bring your friends and have a great night with delicious unknown food.

10. Make a photo collage with pictures from your travels and hang it in your room

You can always decorate your room with maps, globes and photo collages. Travel memories are the most precious ones. Don’t you agree?

travel-photo-collagePhoto: Photo of Photo of Plovdiv, Bulgaria/Facebook.com/travellingbuzz

11. Learn a foreign language

It never gets old to have another language in your brain. German? Warum nicht? French? Аvec plaisir! You can start with learning how to say cheers in all 50 countries in Europe or how to say I love you in all 50 countries in Europe. 

12. Volunteer for a local cause

A great way to distract yourself with something meaningful and also to meet new friends. 

13. Get outside now! Go to an open-air cinema

Find open air cinemas – regular or one-time events, nearby and call your friends. It’s movie night! You can also find screening of a foreign movie which will keep your wanderlust going. 

14. Go to a picnic

Head over to the nearest (or not) city park and make yourself a nice picnic with friends. You can also add some sport activity in the plan and there you go – another nice afternoon with cool people. 

15. Grow a plant from seed and take care of it

Starting a life from nothing is pretty cool, huh? Why not taking care of something of your own and keep busy while not on the road?

16. Watch the sunset from the highest spot in the city every once in a while

17. Try something new every week

It may be a horse riding lesson, ice-skating or anything else that challenges you. Make it interesting and choose the things you would do in a new destination.

18. Make a playlist with your favorite travel songs and save it for your next trip

Music is part of everyone’s life. You can make it more interesting by creating a special playlist with songs that keep your wanderlust and share it with friends or keep it for your next adventure.

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19. Start jogging in the morning

Great ideas comes from this one…

20. Hang out with travellers in your city

Find out who’s in your town now, couchsurfing.com is a nice place to start. Or join some Facebook travellers’ groups and call for a hang out. Or maybe you have a local travel cafe/bar in your town…  

What’s your favorite thing to do while not travelling?

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  • What a great list! I think I do many of these things already 🙂

  • Whenever I’m not traveling, I tend to think a lot about traveling! Future and past trips. Trips that I loved, places that I miss, places that I still want to pin on my map!