London To Paris: The Easy Way

For those in Britain, getting to mainland Europe is often seen as a bit of a chore and the distances involved can put you off from visiting. But in reality, you could be in one of the most beautiful cities in world in less than two and a half hours.

Travelling by Eurostar at 180mph you can take trips to Paris from London in just two hours and fifteen minutes, about the same time it takes to catch the train from London to Manchester.

When you factor in all the checking in and out times, Eurostar is also quicker than flying, and much cheaper; if you book at least four months in advance, seats are available from as little as £36.

The Eurostar runs from Ashford International Station, Ebbsfleet International and Saint Pancras Station. If you don’t live in or around London, these stations have connections from all over the country.

If you take Eurostar from London to Paris, you can take in the sights of both great cities in just one day, and experience their disparate cultures. Although Paris and London are both capital cities in European countries, the places have quite different characteristics.

In Paris the locals soon breakdown the stereotype that the French are arrogant; you’ll find plenty of friendly people to give you directions if you get lost.

Although, it must be said, that waiters can take themselves a little more seriously than we expect in London. Despite this, the huge number of café’s lining the street are still a great way to take in the architecture of the city.

London also fails to live up to the traditional view of itself. Although in the business centre, you’ll find lots of suits rushing around with their ties done up to eleven, cappuccino in one hand, the Independent in the other, but this is like all big cities.

However, London also has plenty of enthusiastic street acts, quaint cafés and fascinating museums and libraries. Of course, both cities have some world famous monuments and stunning architecture too.

In Paris the Eiffel Tower can be seen from most places in the city, at night its floodlights can be seen from up to 50 miles away. There are also number of other celebrated monuments that are easily accessible thanks to the city’s great travel infrastructure.

London too has its fair share of landmarks. A London tour bus can take you around the city to all of the main tourist attractions. They also give you the choice of three different routes.

However, it’s well worth eschewing the main hotspots in London and take in the city’s diverse culture by foot. There are some really fascinating areas like Dalston and Hackney.

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