Meet Iulia: the Romanian travel blogger on a mission to take over the world

I first met Iulia in 2017 when she visited Bulgaria for one of the events I helped being organized. It was a weekend-long unconference for travel bloggers, that helped me meet many interesting people, such as herself.

Since then, I’ve been silently following her adventures, admiring her blogging style and view towards life. In her posts, you’ll never only see a description of the places. You’ll learn how those places shape her as a person.

Meet Iulia Vasile and be inspired:

1. Introduce yourself & your blog

I’m Iulia and I am a blogger at I am from Romania and I have this blog for 10 years, but it was not always about travelling. For the last 2 years, I have committed to my travel blog.

I started blogging because I found it to be a fascinated world where anyone can share experiences from which others can learn. I write about places and how these places help us discover ourselves.

iulia vasile

2. What lessons did you learn from your travel blogging experience over the last years?

My top 3 lessons that I’ve learnt from blogging are:

1) Practice makes perfection. I never enjoyed writing when I was in school, and nowadays I find myself writing 2000-words articles (because I have so much to share). And the more you do it, the better you become. I promise!

2) It helped me perfect my photo skills. This is an absolutely necessary skill for most bloggers. Nice pictures can change everything.

3) Connecting to people and being genuine. I couldn’t be a blogger if I wasn’t ready to put all my heart and soul in it. It takes courage, it might feel like you are vulnerable and sometimes you are. But If you are not true to what you try to show and say on your blog, then it’s worth nothing.

3. Share your top 3 tips for new travel bloggers/influencers?

There are so many things, but to narrow it down to only 3 things, those would be:

1) Write as much as you can. Edit later.

2) Work when you feel like it, but don’t make it seem like a chore. Although some sort of post planning should exist, otherwise you are just a person posting every once in a while.

3) Ask! Whatever you need to know, ask. Start with Google, because Google knows the answer to most of our questions. I use Quora to ask sometimes, and to read answers (because a lot of people have the same questions).

iulia vasile

4. What are your favourite tools you use all the time? 

1) Grammarly! It changed my style and I couldn’t live without it.

2) Lightroom for editing pictures. Desktop and phone versions.

3) Yoast! It’s a WordPress plugin which helps me with SEO suggestions on articles.

5. What’s next for you and your blog?

Haha. I plan to take over the world.

I have my own philosophy behind my travel blog and I try to share it with the world as much as I can. I see myself on the blog and the person I didn’t have to guide me in my travels and on the growing up journey!

6. What is your…

…favourite blog article: The journey to self-discovery which changed my life

…favourite Instagram photo: This photo from Petra, Jordan

…next trip: Somewhere in South-Eastern Asia

iulia vasile

Follow Iulia’s journey on Facebook & Instagram. Read her blog to find out more stories from her travels. 

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Travel blogger and tourism graduate from Bulgaria, working in the field of Digital Marketing and PR for travel brands.

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  • Love this article! Thank you so much for your interest and for sharing with the world and other bloggers new blogging and life perspectives! Happy travels and hope to see you somewhere in this world soon!

  • Such a nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  • Very inspiring. I always wanted to build my own blog but I have this mindset that “I can’t because I am terrible in writing.” You encouraged me to pursue what I really want.

  • Hi there,
    I love the quote on Lulia’s first photo – mission to conquer the world – I share this passion as I am sure you do:) I use Grammarly and Yoast! Grammarly changed things for me, I had to have someone proofread everything before this investment so I strongly recommend it:)
    Great read, I love learning from others… Nikki

  • This is very inspiring. I wish all the best. Let travelers conquer the world.