Indonesian Night in Menar Film Festival in Sofia with “Surau and Silek”

On January 25th I was invited to attend an interesting and first for me event – Menar Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a movie screening of “Surau and Silek”.

The ambassador of Indonesia in Bulgaria Astari Rasjid welcomed all the attendees with a brief introduction of the movie.

A little bit before that, a group of university students presented traditional Indonesian songs at the welcome cocktail party, letting us get closer to the Indonesian culture. Traditional food and Indonesian coffee were served as well.

The movie “Surau and Silek” tells the story of Adil, 11-year-old orphan, who is very keen to win the Silat tournament (indigenous martial arts) in his village. Through the course of his training, he goes through many obstacles, and at the end learns many things about the fighting style, life, and friends.

MENAR is a Middle East & North Africa Region Film Festival held in Sofia from 15th to 31st of January, and this year is the 11th edition. The event presents the best of Middle East and North Africa cinema productions, including feature films, documentaries and short projects.

Thanks to the Embassy of Indonesia in Bulgaria for the invitation! You can learn more about Menar Film Fest on the event’s website.

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