The new Faroe travel backpack: Hand luggage solution for flashpackers

One of my favourite brands Arcido came up with a new, improved backpack for lightweight travel – the Faroe travel backpack. It is an ideal hand luggage solution for short city escapes or even business trips. It will fit you perfectly if you need to take only the essentials but don’t want to sacrifice your good look.

I’ve been using Arcido’s backpacks for several years so far. I can say for sure that Faroe is my favourite so far – mostly because its sleek unisex design.

Compared to the previous backpacks, Faroe is also ideal for women – something that I’ve been missing so far. Moreover, it weighs in at just 900 grams so you can easily fit in as many clothes and shoes as you can without worrying about the weight.

Arcido Faroe travel backpack

Choosing the right travel backpack relies on many aspects. It’s about feeling secure and comfortable when you travel, with enough versatility to adapt to different situations, as well as looking good. So here are some of my favourite advantages of Faroe:

  • Ideal size: One large compartment inside the backpack is big enough for plenty of clothes and shoes. The side pockets (that’ve been missing in the previous Arcido travel backpacks) are a nice add on in Faroe.
  • An adaptable laptop section: I always bring my laptop with me everywhere I go so this one is an important element of my travels.  Moreover, the laptop stays close to your body so it is less likely to get knocked.
  • Compliant with airline size limits yet spacious: And again, the most important thing is that Faroe backpack is perfect for airline travel and you can make use of all the space you’re allowed to.
  • Stylish: Let’s not underestimate the good look.

Some important characteristics:

Size: 55 x 35 x 20cm / 22″ x 14″ x 8″

Capacity: 35 L

Laptop harness up to: 15.4″

Warranty: 5 Year warranty on all Arcido bags

Price as of November 2018: £99 discounted (usually £120)

You can learn more about all the other features and advantages of the new Faroe travel backpack on the Arcido website. Follow them on Instagram for some more travel inspiration.

Arcido Faroe travel backpack

Trying out the new Faroe travel backpack in the nature

Many thanks to Arcido for sending me to try out their new Faroe travel backpack and letting me introduce it to you!


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