The New Arcido Carry-on Backpack and What We Think About It


We always travel with only a backpack to avoid check-in luggage fees on the airports. With time, we got used to packing just a few clothes and gadgets and hop on the plane. But there’s is always something more we could’ve take.

For instance, I love bringing my own slippers when I travel. Unfortunately, very often there’s no place for them. Many times I also leave bringing extra clothes, toiletries and other things that could’ve made my trip easier. 

That’s when we realize how important it is to make use of all the space that is allowed for a carry-on luggage on an airplane but still to not compromise with the convenience of a backpack.

Last year, we got and tested our very first Arcido backpack. We still use it, by the way. That’s why, when this year the Arcido team reached out to us again, we couldn’t say no. The innovative concept of a smarter carry-on travel is developed into the new Arcido Bag. 


Arcido Bag Top Features

Choosing the right bag relies on much more than looking good. It’s about feeling secure and comfortable when you travel, with enough versatility to adapt to different situations. So here are the best things I love about the new Arcido Bag:

  • travel-friendly – it has side and top handles, back straps and even a longer side strap so you can carry it your own way;
  • stronger fabric – the previous Arcido’s bag had softer sides and front but this one has stronger sides which is definitely a better solution. Of course, the fabric is waterproofed and made to last longer.
  • removable and safe laptop compartment – you can still bring your work when you travel with the comfortable and adaptable compartment, designed for laptops and other gadgets. Moreover, the laptop stays close to your body so it is less likely to get knocked. 
  • compliant with airline size limits yet spacious– and again, the most important thing is that Arcido’s Bag is perfect for airline travel and you can make use of all the space you’re allowed to. 

Arcido carry-on backpack

Pros and Cons

What I love the most about the Arcido Bag is it looks stylish but it still has many important functionalities and lots of pockets. A nice add up is that the new Arcido Bag comes with an airport compliant liquid bag and a secure document holder. 

What I can say as a slight disadvantage is that this carry-on backpack is still more convenient for men than woman. I would love if it comes with different colors and possibly a more gentle design, suitable for women’s taste. 

arcido backpack airplane size limits


The price this time is a bit higher but I would say that investment in such product that is going to last for a long time is a good one.  

You can learn more about all the other features and advantages of the new Arcido Bag on the Arcido website. If you’ve already tried it, don’t forget to hit me an email and share your experience.

Size: 35cm x 55cm x 20cm

Capacity: 35 L

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Price: £160

Check out Arcido Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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  • This seems like a great backpack. Everything I need in one bag, Maria!