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Winter is upon us… That means sad weather, rain, and dark clouds. Add that to the multiple pressures of everyday life and it’s easy to find ourselves in a funk until the sun befriends us once again. Seems everywhere we look there’s always some sort of stress.

If not school, then it’s graduating. After that, finding a job. Then the 9-5, or remote work, or the rigorous hours of some salary jobs. Point is: if you’re like most people, you probably need a break. What better way to shed some of that stress and realign your system than a vacation?

We encourage you to set aside a bit of money this spring so that you can go somewhere awesome, sunny, and relaxing in the summer. Or strategizing in advance and using tactics like credit card points to pay for it. Unconvinced? Take a look at these five amazing summer destinations and see if you don’t put that money you were going to use at the bars this weekend in a piggy-bank.

Masurian Lake Disctrict, Poland

You’ve probably never heard of it. Nor have most. But with tickets to Poland as cheap as $500 dollars right now it might certainly be something to consider. Especially if you want to immerse yourself in one of the most gorgeous, breathing taking forest-lake cities in the world.

It’s a paradise for those who love sailing, windsurfing, outdoor exploration, fishing, kayaking, and just about any other water-based activity. There’s also a series of rivers and canals that are interconnected, meaning you can travel them by boat or Jet Ski. It’s a true water paradise.

Masurian Lake District, Poland

Masurian Lake District, Poland / Photo:

Frio River, Texas

Depending on where you live, a road trip to Texas could be an incredible getaway (even if just to say you’ve driven through Texas – as it feels like its own country). The Frio River is a slice of paradise (it’s mentioned in one of George Strait’s songs). This spring-fed river cuts through the luscious greenery of Texas.

There are plenty of cabins that’re both in town and isolated. Texas offers horseback riding, golf, dancing, a townie sort of night-life, hunting, dancing, and more. Grab a cabin. Bring a little California-style round beach towel and lay out beneath the hot Texas sun. Drift away in the crystal clear water of the Frio. Meet some Texans. Trust us, you’ll look up some pictures of this place and melt with envy at your desk.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This destination made it to the 10 most popular on TripAdvisor’s list, which is really saying something. First off, in terms of affordability, the US dollar goes a long way in Cambodia and flights aren’t ridiculous. But more importantly Siem Reap is simply breathtaking. A quick google search will show you the archaic temples and shrines that look like they’re from an Indiana Jones set.

It’s florescent, home to an abundance of wildlife, has an incredible street-culture and night-life, and grows greener than you could imagine after the winter rains. Also, Cambodia might definitely be out of your comfort zone being that it’s not part of the ‘western’ world. Challenge that.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia / Photo:

Bordeaux, France

Where are all of you wine lovers? This one goes out to you. In the serene, sophisticated vineyards (there are literally thousands) of Bordeaux, France, La Cite du Vin has opened up for tourists. It’s basically an intuition dedicated to the long history of the wine culture in France.

Want to sit country side in France and drink some of the most lavish, acknowledged, and pristine wines in the world? Want to relish in fine dining and enjoy your walk-in walk-out stay alongside the vineyards? There’s some airlines offering tickets to France for under $1000. Go. You won’t be disappointed.


Bordeaux, France/Photo:

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

One of the staples for surfers and beach-bums across the world. Home to some of the biggest waves, biggest surf, and the Hawaiian townie culture, this paradise is meant for those that want to relax on the sand. The local shops, yoga communities, surf museum, food trucks, and more – all contribute to North Shore feeling more like a beach town than a hub for tourism. Put your board shorts or bikini on, grab a drink, and relax in one of the most famous beach-spots in the world.


North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii/Photo:

There’s nothing better than shaking off the winter blues and alleviating stress like taking some time away. Put the phone down. Leave your email be. Plan ahead so it’s not chaotic and unaffordable. Spend some time in the sun, relax, and rejoin reality with a fresh perspective.

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