Travelling Buzz on Travel Academy 2017: Why and how to work with travel bloggers

travel academy 2017

Travel bloggers are more and more popular channel for promotion of tourism products and services. Worldwide, this “hobby” is already turned into highly successful profession for tens and thousands of people. 

In Bulgaria, we are still in the beginning of this process. With the support of ASTOM – the Association of travel bloggers in Bulgaria, I will be happy to share my knowledge on the topic of working with travel bloggers during Travel Academy 2017.

Bloggers give transparency – their opinion is so valuable because they show what is the brand really about. As part of their marketing strategy, many companies and whole destination management organizations plan collaboration with bloggers on their budget. This can happen in different ways – press trips, content advertising, affiliate programs, ambassadorships, product reviews, etc. 

During my lecture, for the first time, the travel blogging business in Bulgaria will be analyzed with various insights, data and extensive case studies. 

Join my session “Travel Bloggers – new channel for brand image and sustainable tourism development” on March 31st at 14:15 to learn more about it. 

Why is Travel Academy important

Travel Academy is a 2-day B2B conference, held in Bulgaria. Its focus are the innovations in marketing, management and sales in the tourism industry. It is a place where tourism professionals from all over Bulgaria can learn the new trends, discuss hot topics in the travel and tourism industry, network and share ideas. 

The tourism business in Bulgaria is lacking more innovative concepts, creative collaborations and moreover – transparency and long-term vision. What it needs is to focus more on the idea of sustainable tourism based on collaborations. The industry also needs to keep up with the new trends and forget the old concepts that are no longer current in the fast-paced, always changing digital world. 

Travel Academy’s aim is just that – to stimulate the development of a unite, unified tourism industry through the opportunities that innovations offer. It is a must attend event for every tourism professional in Bulgaria. 

The venue – RIU Pravets Golf & SPA Resort

RIU Pravets Resort

Photo: RIU Pravets Golf & Spa Resort, Bulgaria

Travel Academy 2017 will be held in the exquisite RIU Pravets Golf & Spa Resort. It is located around 60 km from Sofia, in Pravets – a town, gracefully nestled in the Balkan mountains. The resort is equipped with swimming pools, saunas, steam baths… a real spa retreat for the body. 

What to do near Pravets, Bulgaria? The area offers various opportunities for hiking, biking and riding. Prohodna Cave, also known as ‘The Eyes of God’ is around 40 minutes from Pravets. Saeva Dupka Cave is also nearby – just next to Brestnitsa, some 35 minutes from Pravets. Teteven offers another option for hiking – there you can enjoy a nice walk to the ‘Skoka’ waterfall… In general, the area is rich of activities to do and places to visit. Can’t wait to explore it more this spring.

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