5 Quaint European Cities We’re Obsessed With Right Now

Marteen and Brittaney form Lust For The World are two 20 somethings trying to live the dream while maintaining a 9-5 to pay the bills (until they have the freedom to go rogue). Their message is to prove that it is possible to travel the world while your young, earning an entry level salary, and working 40 hours a week. Here’are the 5 quaint cities in Europe they’re obsessed with:

1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Set on the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera, lies an enchanting town made up of five colorful villages overlooking the hillside. Paths, trains and boats connect the villages, and cars cannot reach them from the outside, which add to the allure Cinque Terre.


2.Cesky Krumlov

A few hours away from Prague lays the colorful fairytale land of Cesky Krumlov. The town is known for its picturesque appearance, a magically decorated castle perching high above the labyrinth-like town. 



3. Segovia, Spain

Segovia is one of the many smaller towns outside of Madrid that gets overshadowed (Avila and Toledo are also worth a mention). Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Segovia is most famous for the Alcazar of Segovia and the Segovia Cathedral. There is also a large aqueduct that lines its entrance.


4. Salzburg

Travelers can’t seem to get enough of Salzburg’s medieval style and story book appearance, as it is climbing the ranks to be one of Europe’s more popular cities.   One large demanding fortress with an alpine backdrop sets Salzburg apart from other destinations, attracting more and more tourists every year.


5. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is a charming town set in the middle of a Nature lover’s dream. Hike Mount Pilatus or Mount Rigi during the day, or enjoy a cruise on a lake surrounded by the Swiss Alps. You couldn’t ask for better scenery, or better cheese fondue.



Which one of these European cities have you visited or want to visit asap?

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  • Love this post! Salzburg does look like it's from a story book, it's high on my Europe wishlist.

  • Loved the Cinque Terre. It´s great to hike along the Blue Trail and the Via dell´Amore (the Lover´s Walk).

    You should definitely add Bruges and Ghent to the list. We recently visited these medieval cities in Belgium. They are gorgeous.

  • Hi Natasha/City Sea Country,

    Thanks for your comments! You’re right, Bruges would fit perfectly with this list! I haven’t been to Ghent yet, but I was in Mechelen (about an hour from Brussels) in September and that was a charming town and worth a look as well.


  • Cinque Terre is indeed marvelous 🙂

  • I’m in the midst of planning a backpacking trip to Europe for next year and 3 out of 5 of these towns are on my list! (CK, Salzburg, and Lucerne). The “theme” of my trip is to visit quaint picturesque towns in Europe. Also included for my trip will be Rothenberg ob der Tauber, Germany; Halstatt, Austria; Basel, Switzerland; Heidelberg, Germany; Colmar, France; and Brugges, Belgium. I’ll be making a quick stop in some larger cities as well as I’m passing through, but mostly, I’m just excited to visit the little storybook-looking places 🙂