5 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria in Your 20s

Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small but charming country in Eastern Europe. And before thinking “why should someone even want to visit some unknown country at the end of the globe”, let me tell you that Bulgaria isn’t as bad as you think. Here we have breathtaking beaches, high and unbelievably beautiful mountains, totally stunning cultural and historical destinations, including 9 UNESCO sites.

You should also know that the country is very youngster-friendly destination. Here are our top 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria in your 20s.

1. Painfully Cheap

The chances are in your 20s you don’t have much money to spend. Recently the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, was named as one of the cheapest cities in Europe for 2014 by European Backpacker Index.

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  • I read the whole article on Lust for the World (and commented) but I wanted to send some love here too. I have been contemplating visiting Bulgaria in the next few weeks but this really sealed the deal for me. I love the diversity that this post shows. Plus the 7 Rila lakes sounds pretty epic, can’t wait to check them out. Maria, I’m coming to visit you!

  • Hi Maria, thanks for directing me to the article, I really enjoyed it and I also will be visiting Eastern Europe next year so I hope to add Bulgaria to my list 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog too!