Rozhen Festival 2015 in Pictures


Rozhen Festitval in Bulgaria was the biggest national festival I attended! It was such a blast and despite all the problems with the transportation, it was amazing experience in general! I was super excited to hear Valya Balkanska which song “Izlel e Delio haidutin” is in the Space! Special thanks to Hotel Extreme Pamporovo for the hospitality during the festival! Expect a lot more pictures and stories from Rozhen and Pamporovo region on the blog and on our Facebook page

Here are just some of the pictures from Rozhen Festival 2015: 







And some pictures from Instagram…

Bulgarian bagpiper at Rozhen Fest #travel #Bulgaria #rozhen #рожен #роженскисъбор

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#Рожен2015 #Rozhen #Bulgaria #festival #folklore #travel A photo posted by Maria, Travelling Buzz ( on

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from Rozhen Festival 2015 and Pamporovo region! 

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  • Such wonderful pictures, Maria, you selected to present the festival!

  • Hey, Maria, great photos! I’ve visited the Rozhen Festival many years ago, mid-90s, if I remember correctly, when it wasn’t all that commercial 😉 It was an experience like no other! The whole Rhodopa mountain is such a magical place, really.
    Cheers, N.

  • Hello
    Its great Article as your words are very simple, your photos are talented and you use just few lines tell us more about Rozhan FESTIVAL of BULGARIA and make us live the festival.Its great experience to attend such great festival.Really this festival is among the activities which we have to do in BULGARIA.
    Keep on, am waiting your next blog.