The Best Attractions to See When You’re on Holiday in Ibiza

If there’s one European destination that has consistently made it to everyone’s bucket lists, it’s Ibiza. This inarguably picturesque island in the Mediterrenean has become the prime spot for sun-soaked beaches, a vibrant nightlife, and a relaxing atmosphere that’s hard to resist. Every year, Ibiza attracts at least 3.1 million visitors from around the world. Now, if you’re thinking of booking your own Ibiza holiday soon, here’s a quick primer on Ibiza and some top attractions that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

A Short Introduction to Ibiza

A Short Introduction to Ibiza

Also called Eivissa by native Catalan residents, Ibiza can be found off the southeastern coast of Spain in the sparkling waters of the western Mediterranean Sea. Known as being part of the Balearic archipelago, it has evolved from being a secluded island to a bustling tourist destination. However, there’s more to this paradise than its more popular party spots.

Each part of this island offers a unique flavour, from the coastline to the mountainside. As such, holidays in Ibiza mean that you won’t run out of places to go and experiences to have, no matter your preference. The home of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Ibiza has 2,500 years’ worth of fascinating history. In the north of the island, you have the countryside full of family-friendly charm. The south of the island, meanwhile, has mellow beaches to unwind in. In Ibiza’s western region, stunning bays play host to adrenaline junkies and partygoers, while the southeastern point offers a quiet retreat.

Beautiful all year round, Ibiza also holds special festivals during different seasons. For instance, April has local Easter parades, May has a medieval fair, and June celebrates Gay Pride. Truly, Ibiza is a destination for everyone.

The Best Attractions to See in Ibiza

Now that you know the island better, here are some of the best spots to visit and what you should do when you get there.

Trek Through The Historical Dalt Vila

If you want a quiet day away from modern festivities, go to Dalt Vila, which literally translates to “upper town”. This fortified old town is hidden above Ibiza’s nightclub scene, enticing tourists to go on a contemplative journey through the island’s past. In 1999, Dalt Vila was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered one of the best-preserved coastal fortresses in the Mediterranean.

Walking along its cobbled streets, visitors can also find military cannons and tunnels dating back to Dalt Vila’s founding in the Renaissance. The stunning views from the top of the hill are also worth the uphill trek, offering panoramic views of the sea and the town below.

Enjoy the Sunset Drumming at Benirràs Beach

Imagine watching the sun slowly sink into the horizon while the sound of drums fills the air. At Benirràs Beach, this magical experience unfolds every evening except for Sundays. This dedicated gathering started in 1991, when a famous anti-war protest was conducted, a peaceful statement against the first Gulf War against Iraq.

Ever since then, drummers have gathered at the Benirràs beach to create a rhythmic spectacle as day turns into night. Tucked between lush green hills, Benirràs Beach is also worth a visit for its distinct pebble shores and crystal clear waters that make it great for snorkelers.

Shop to Your Bohemian Heart’s Delight at Ibiza’s Hippy Market

Are you craving a taste of Ibiza’s laid-back bohemian culture? Visit Las Dalias Hippy Market. Located in San Carlos, it’s a treasure trove of eclectic fashion, handmade crafts, and vibrant jewellery that’s been around since the 1980s. Las Dalias’ hippy market gathering is even considered a notable part of the town’s identity.

If you visit between February to November, you’ll join over 20,000 daily visitors to marvel at countless stalls featuring cuisines, art, fashion, and produce from around the world. The market is also a prime place to purchase local Ibicenco products like La Potingues, which is Las Dalias’ own line of natural cosmetics.

Whether you’re searching for a soulful adventure or an energising party, Ibiza is the place to go. For more guides, reviews, and travel tips, feel free to peruse the rest of our Destinations.

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