Top 5 Places for Digital Nomads in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is becoming more and more attractive for digital nomads and remote workers to spend a few weeks, months, or even to move their base there. The advantages are obvious – low cost of living, quality lifestyle, close to nature, great flight connections, international environment, good tax optimization opportunities.

As a Bulgarian, I’m often asked where should nomads spend a few weeks working from and enjoying a good nomad community. Here’s my take on the top places to check as a digital nomad in Bulgaria.


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Bansko: Community Focus and Outdoor Oasis

bansko for digital nomads bulgaria

It’s not a secret Bansko has become a world-known digital nomad hub thanks to Coworking Bansko and Bansko Nomad Fest. I moved my base to Bansko 2,5 years ago and I stand by my decision that this is an amazing place to live in as a digital nomad. Even if you spend just a few months a year, or longer, you’ll instantly find other people to hang out with, events to attend, and many many outdoor activities to do – hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, motocross…

If you’re looking for a small town vibe, close-nit nomad community, mountain vibes, outdoor activities, Bansko is your place. Many nomads make Bansko their base so you’ll meet people year-round and it’s most likely you’ll meet familiar faces every time you return to Bansko.

The minuses are the limited cultural / social activities (like concerts, bigger events, nightlife); limited medical services, lack of food variety (grocery delivery available from Sofia).

Recommended Coworking Space: Coworking Bansko

Facebook groups:
Coworking Bansko – Base for digital nomads
Bansk0 Digital Nomads
Snowboarding GIRLS Bansko
Women in Bansko
The Bansko Notice Board (expats in Bansko)

Coliving Spaces: Avalon, Nomadico

How to find accommodation:
Bansko Owners Renting group on Facebook

Sofia: Thriving Tech Hub and Cultural Epicenter

sofia for digital nomads in bulgaria

As the country’s largest tech hub, Sofia offers a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing freelancers and remote workers with a plethora of coworking spaces and networking opportunities. The city’s affordable cost of living, combined with its extensive public transportation system and diverse culinary scene, make it an attractive choice. You’ll find plenty of English-speaking events and activities, many foreigners and a bustling music scene and nightlife.

If you are into bigger cities with a lot of going on, Sofia is your place.Β Check out the Facebook group Sofia Digital Nomads & Remote Workers to connect with others.

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Burgas: Coastal Tranquility and Relaxed Lifestyle

Over the last year, Coliving Burgas put Burgas on the map for digital nomad spots in Bulgaria. With an active community at the coliving and proximity to beautiful beaches in the south Black Sea coast, Burgas is a good option for location-independent professionals. Beyond the city limits, Burgas provides easy access to nearby attractions. The ancient town of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its historic architecture, is just a short drive away, offering a glimpse into Bulgaria’s rich past.

Varna: Coastal Charm and Relaxed Ambiance

Varna – the “sea capital” of Bulgaria, is a lively city during the summer months. With its laid-back atmosphere and stunning sea views, Varna offers a balance between work and leisure. You are close to the beach and there’s some international community in Varna. The city’s moderate climate and beautiful beaches create an ideal backdrop for remote work sessions, while its growing number of coworking spaces cater to the needs of location-independent professionals.

Check out Campus90 for some coliving and coworking options. You can easily go and work from a cafe – coffee places in Bulgaria are not frowning upon digital nomads as in other European countries. See Foreigners in Varna & Friends group on Facebook to connect with other foreigners. Check out Wake Park Varna for some wakeboarding.

Plovdiv: Old-World Vibe and Creative Energy

what to see in plovdiv bulgaria balabanov house hindilyan house

Plovdiv, often hailed as one of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, exudes an irresistible blend of history and contemporary flair. This city is an emerging hotspot for digital nomads drawn to its creative energy and artistic scene. Plovdiv’s well-preserved old town offers a unique backdrop for work and exploration, with charming cobblestone streets, ancient ruins, and a vibrant arts and crafts community.

Although the second biggest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv doesn’t feel big and busy. There’s less going on but there’s a growing community of nomads and expats. Check out the Facebook group Expats in Plovdiv to connect with others.

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