Where to travel in East Asia for the best food

Going on an exotic holiday can mean many things to travellers but the majority of holidaymakers want to eat great food whilst they are away.

East Asia is a hub of fantastic flavours paired with stunning landscapes and friendly locals. Let’s take a trip through some different countries to see if there are any that tickle your tastebuds. 


Vietnam is a country that is the perfect example of incredible food meeting stunning locations. After a long day exploring and doing exciting Vietnam tours, you will want to indulge in the cuisine on offer. 

Hanoi is a hub of deliciousness with some of the best street food in the world. You can get pho here in the UK, but it pales in comparison to the bowls they make in Hanoi. You will quickly learn the difference between good pho and great pho. You can get pho topped with beef, pork or chicken depending on your tastes. 

Another standout dish is cha ca, which is catfish that has been marinated in turmeric and shrimp paste and then fried in aromatic oils. This is then served on a bed of fermented rice noodles – a must-have when visiting Vietnam. 


You will have to be careful not to overindulge if you are lucky enough to visit Thailand – there is food everywhere! Thailand is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines so there will always be something to tempt you. 

One of the restaurants that are revolutionising Thai food is 100 Mahaseth. Located in Bangkok, this eatery prides itself on a farm-to-table ethos, utilising the freshest ingredients and serving them in its sustainable restaurant. You will have to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 


The night markets in Penang are a must-see for both foodies and explorers alike. Opening from 6 pm until midnight, these markets are almost an assault on the senses with the smells of food and the noise of people enjoying themselves. 

Malaysia does stir-fried noodle dishes incredibly well, so if you see dishes like char koay teow or the noodle soup dish of Nyonya laksa then snap them up. They are both explosions of flavour and cheap to buy. Just order your food at a market stall, sit down and wait for it to be brought to you. 


When you think of Indonesia, it is most likely you think of surfing off the coast of Bali. But Bali isn’t just a surfer’s paradise, it is also a haven for food lovers. 

Ubud is a small town tucked between picturesque rice paddies and calming waterfalls. Nasi Goreng is quintessentially Indonesian. Made up of fried rice, vegetables and meat, and topped with a freshly fried egg, it is a tasty bowl with subtle flavours and spicing. If you are looking for the best Nasi Goreng pay a visit to the Fair Warung Bale. Not only is this restaurant budget-friendly and tasty, but it gives back to the local community in the form of supporting local healthcare programs. 

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