5 Exciting Things To Do Near Pamporovo, Bulgaria

If you are planning to go to Pamporovo, Bulgaria or West Rhodope mountains in general, you might as well want to know what fun and exciting things you can do in the area so you can make the most out of your visit. Pamporovo is typically a ski resort but during the summer there are many interesting things to do, too. I visited the area for one of the biggest national festivals in Bulgaria – Rozhen festival (July 17-19, 2015) and I can say that the region of Pamporovo is the place to be at least for a weekend during summer.

1. Watch a short movie at Momchilova Fortress

Situated near Gradat village (literally “The Town” village) Momchilova Fortress is fully renovated fortress on a high hill in Rhodope mountains. You can get by car and a smiling woman will greet you in the parking lot. Then you have a 20 min hike to the top where every Saturday a short movie about Momchil hero is projected on a rock with a spectacular view to the Rhodopes. The atmosphere is indescribable! It costs only 2EUR to enjoy this view:

Momchilova Fortress pamporovo1

2. Hike to Kaleto Fortress

The late Antiquity and medieval fortress Kaleto near Koshnitsa village may have a super interesting history, if you like that stuff, but what I like more is the incredible hike and view on the top of the fortress. The hike is not too hard – the hill is steep but with a normal pace you can make it to the top for as much as 20 min. Is is indeed a very interesting hike because in order to get to the fortress you have to pass under a passage cave. When you pass under you climb over the cave where is the top of the fortress. The view is incredible! 



3. Follow Orpheus to his favorite place

Orpheus Rocks near Pamporovo are your required hike if you are in town. They are just 10  min away from the town and offer another spectacular view of the Rhodope mountains. The hike to Orpheus Rocks is not even a real hike but more like a walk in the park so you have no excuse to skip this famous sight. It is believed that the mythical singer Orpheus was born in Rhodope mountains and these rocks are the place where he liked to sit, watch and play his harp. I understand him why he loved this place – look at that view:


4. Be the first to see Aegan Sea from Snezhanka tower

Snezhanka tower is a TV tower and the most recognizable symbols of Pamporovo. You can climb to the top of the tower where there is a terrace and a restaurant, which reveal a 360-degree panoramic view of Rhodope mountain. The old people say that it is possible to even see the Aegan Sea from the tower if the weather is nice. I heard that nobody has yet seen the Aegan Sea. Maybe it’s a legend but, hey, this does not stops you from trying. The entrance to the top of the tower is just 2,5 EUR and you can enjoy a nice coffee with a view!

Snezhanka tower pamporovo

5. Wander through the Wonderful Bridges

Not that close to Pamporovo but still a must-see – The Wonderful Bridges. It is a rock phenomenon near Zabardo village. The Bridges were one entire cave in the past but during time and erosion these marble bridges were formed. There are three arches, the largest one is 45 meters high and 40 meters wide, and a river – Ekyupriya. 

Wonderful bridges bulgaria

More things to see near Pamporovo: 

I haven’t visited these ones yet while I was in the area but I hear very good things about them:

  • “Nevyastata” (The Bride) Eco-trail – between Smolyan and Pamporovo, it pass through many picturesque spots. It is only 750 m long and it ends at Nevyastata Rock – a symbol of Smolyan town. 
  • Bachkovo Monastery – with the miraculous icon from 1311 known as The Holy Mother of God Icon.


Which one of these sights would you visit right now?


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