The Top 5 Boat Excursions from Split, Croatia

There is so much one can do on their trip to Croatia, especially visiting exotic and historically rich towns like Dubrovnik, Šibenik, and the most recognizable, Split. There are over a thousand islands in Croatia. Hvar, Cres, Krk, Pag and Brač are just some of the most famous in the country.

There are multiple boat trips from recognizable companies such as Pelican Tours Split that tourists can use to visit all the beautiful ocean or lake destinations Croatia has to offer. Good news is that one can get a boat to almost all destinations from Split. It is important to remember that half-day and full-day tours depend on the itinerary.

The following are some of the most interesting boats excursion from Split that anyone visiting Croatia has to try.

Blue Cave & Hvar 5 Islands Tour

From Split, it’s a 90-minute boat ride to the famous Blue Cave, also known to the locals as Bisevo Island. You can see the beautiful sun reflecting on the clear blue waters here. Inside the cave, the waters are a beautiful shade of aquamarine, with beautiful silver light illuminating the objects in the cave.

Komiza is a fising village that is a close destination in Vis. People that enjoy swimming and other water activities will enjoy Stiniva Bay. Another cave that is a must visit is the Green Cave located in Ravnik Island that is defined by the green reflections when the light hits the water. Hvar is a town known for its cultural and historical significance that tourists can stop at to get some tasty food and drinks before returning to Split.

Blue Lagoon Tour

Enjoy the amazing tour from Split to Blue Lagoon Bay where one can enjoy relaxing by the beach, water sports, and swimming in its turquoise sea water. Blue Lagoon is a good location for people that are interested in enjoying a fun day at the beach instead of island hopping. Water activities available at the Blue Lagoon include snorkelling and exploring the world under the sea.

On the way to the lagoon, there is an old town called Trogir that dates as far back as the 3rd Century. It can be a good place to stop over on one’s way to a relaxing day by the sea. It has rich historical culture, picturesque sceneries, and good food.

The Three Island Tour

For those interested in island hopping, this is the trip for them. From Split, the next destination is the old town of Trogir and then to the Blue Lagoon. After a fun time at the beach, the next stop is the small beautiful town of Maslinica in Šolta where tourists get to experience the history and beautiful architecture of this beautiful town. They can also experience what it is like to live in a small fishing village. Finally, a stop at Čiovo Island for food, drinks, and swimming can be a good way to wind up a magical day.

Catamaran Tour to Brač Island

Why use a boat when there are plenty of luxury catamarans one can board to cruise the Adriatic? One can enjoy the cool sea breeze as they enjoy the clear blue waters on the way to Supetar, a town on Brač Island. From Supetar, the next stop is Bol, which is known for the breathtaking Golden Horn Beach.

One can sunbathe in the sun on the white sandy beach or enjoy a relaxing swim in the water. As the catamaran sails south of Brač, one has a clear view of well-kept vineyards. Another stop is at the Lučice Bay where tourists can get a taste of tropical fruits and freshly bakes cakes.

Sunset Cruise

Nothing can be more beautiful than watching the sunset while sailing. Whatever the mode of transportation from Split, either boat, yacht, or catamaran, the slow-paced evening tour is calming and relaxing. Most sunset tours include snacks, drinks for sundowners, and some even offer live music to help set the mood. The boat sails along Marjan Park, with a clear view of the Split riviera from the sea.

One can also see the beautiful mountains surrounding Split that’s perfectly framed by the bright yellow sunset from the bay of Kaštela. The tour also gives one a great view of the Marjan Hill, also referred to as the symbol of Split from the seaside. Many other important landmarks can also be seen such as the popular stadium, which is home to Hajduk, a football club in Croatia, or the marina with the docked boats.

Despite the few tours given on this list, there are many others that tourists would enjoy. The tour can also include more places that are even more breathtaking. Whatever you do, don’t leave Split without taking part in at least of the few tours mentioned above.

Guest Author: Hannah is an avid traveler who is based in New York City and has visited more than 75+ countries. She fell head over heels in love with Croatia during her first visit to Split back in 2010 and has spent just about every summer in the city ever since.

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  • Full day and half day tours from Split are great but private tours are even better. If you are a group of 5 or more people, you can rent a boat with the skipper just for yourselves, choose which places you want to visit and how long you want to stay in each place. What is even better, the bigger your group is, the more money you can save by splitting boat expenses from Split. 😉

  • Croatia is something magical. Never felt so peaceful and safe as in this country. As soon as you leave Croatia, you want to come back again!
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