My Top 10 Favourite Rising Travel Blogs of 2014

Travel blogs

2014 was  my first year of travel blogging and I never expected such a positive feedback! I met so many awesome people and friends, I had such amazing opportunities, worked with some great companies and I think I found my true passion. 

Travel blogging is something I never expected to end up doing. But the last few months prove me that Travelling Buzz has a big future and I’m ready for it.

During my travel blogging experience I found some amazing travel blogs which I love reading on a daily basis. They insipire me, they make my days more interesting and my Facebook wall brighter. In other words, these are my top 10 favourite rising travel blogs of 2014.

1. Give for Granted

Give for Granted

Jenna is such an amazing and positive person! She’s a Canadian expat settling in in Germany.  I love reading her stories on her Give For Granted travel blog where she shares useful information about travel and various destinations. She even gives her readers a free e-book that she wrote – How to travel on a budget: Cut your expenses in half. Check it out! She also makes super interesting and funny vlogs on YouTube. She’s not new to blogging but I’m sure you would want to check it out if you haven’t already.

2. Girl vs Globe

Girl vs Globe

Sabina from Girl vs Globe is share her stories in such an interesting way and I always find myself reading her blog for hours. I love her unique style and her posts about female empowerment. Sabina has been in many countries in Africa, Asia and Europe and you can find a lot of useful travel tips and info about many destinations. She is also a great singer 😉

3. Travelling Weasels

Travelling Weasels

Laura was my travel blogging buddy since I started Travelling Buzz. Along with her boyfriend Tanbay she shares amazing tips for House sitting. She even wrote an e-book about it. On their blog Travelling Weasels you can also find useful info about many destinations such as Australia, Spain, Germany, China, etc. 

4. The Travelixir

The Travelixir

Raza is from Bosnia & Herzegovina but now she lives in the US. She started blogging recently but I feel she has a lot to tell the world. On The Travelixir she shares interesting stories about various destinations in the United States, as well as on the Balkans. She’s a full time student with a job and trying to fit travel into her busy schedule. 

5. The Boho Chica

The Boho Chica

Natasha is a Dubai based traveller, blogger and writer who likes to experience the world in cultures, cuisines and hiking trails. On her blog The Boho Chica she shares stories of all kind – from travel tips and hacks to food and volunteering as well as a lot of info about Dubai. Check her blog out!

6. Adrian’s Travel Tales

Adrian's Travel Tales

Adrian is originally from Seattle. She resently decided it was time to start exploring more of the world and switched her career to permanent traveler. She’s been to Cambodia, Taiwan and many other countries. And she also visited Bulgaria where we met for a few hours before hanging out more in Greece for TBEX. You can follow Adrian’s adventures on her blog – Adrian’s Travel Tales.

8.  The Russian Abroad

The Russian Abroad

Olga is a Russian and she lives abroad. Ha! Now, seriously. Olga is super nice girl from Latvia who currently lives in hot and sunny Ecuador. Her blog The Russian Abroad is a great source for anyone who plans to visit the country. 

9. Travelling Buzz

Travelling Buzz

Yep, that’s me! This may sound a little selfish but I love how my blog turned out and how it is growing. Travelling Buzz is 8 months old but it feels like I’ve been doing this forever (in the good way). The blog offers great travel tips for various European destinations, part time travelling solutions and a lot of information about Bulgaria

10. Your blog!


Yep, that’s Your blog! If you’re just starting and you are new to blogging community remember that we all have been there. You have to keep going and even if you don’t see the desire outcome right away, don’t give up. If having a blog has never crossed your mind untill now, why don’t you think about it again? Blogging is an amazing way to document your thoughts, ideas, tips and advices. Whether it’s about travel, fashion, food or lifestyle, if you want it, know that you can do it!


Check these blogs out, especially the last one, because the people behind them are such an inspiration! Also, follow Travelling Buzz on Facebook and Twitter for more great posts. And don’t forget to subscribe to get a free Paris Photobook.

Write in the comments: Do you have a blog and what is it about? If not, are you considering starting one in 2015?