Travelling to Bulgaria? Here’s how to stay connected (e-sim card tips)

Bulgaria is a great way to experience the beauty of Eastern Europe. The sixteenth-largest country in Europe offers stunning rugged mountains and breathtaking Black Sea resorts. The mix of Western and eastern culture here makes it even more fascinating for travelers. It provides a rich history of dance, music, craft, and art.

Bulgaria is well-connected by public transport with a comfortable transport facility that is also affordable. If you have your itinerary in place, start making reservations using an e sim card

In addition, there are plenty of accommodation options for travelers ranging from resorts in coastal areas to budget hostels in cities like Sofia or Plovdiv.

While you may find many options, it is best suggested to book them on the go and avoid any last-minute hassles. You can easily do that with the use of esim. One of the best-recommended esim providers like Holafly is known for its reliable connection, fast, and secure data connection. 

Popular Spots in Bulgaria

what to see in plovdiv bulgaria balabanov house hindilyan house

The historical Plovdiv

The second-largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv is a must-see city for any traveler. The city is home to impressive historical and cultural landmarks like the Odeon for Roman architecture. It is also the best sight for nature lovers who can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Maritsa River and Tsar Simeon Park.

In addition to its historical significance, modern-day Plovdiv offers plenty of things for travelers such as shopping at the bustling markets or exploring numerous art galleries. While in Plovdiv, the best way to stay connected is with a local esim card. You can take pictures, and videos, and upload them to share them with your close ones.

The charming Veliko Tarnovo 

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria, the main attraction in Veliko Tarnovo is the Tsaravets Citadel. This city is known for its ancient fortress, which stands atop Tsarevets Hill and served as a defense against invading armies for centuries. Veliko Tarnovo has preserved its medieval charm and offers visitors a variety of attractions to explore with over 20 churches on the hill.

Hikes around Bansko Bulgaria

The peaks of Pirin Mountains

Pirin National Park is part of one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria – Pirin. There are plenty of hikes for different experience levels. You can go to Muratovo lake for a chill afternoon walk, or hike all the way to Vihren peak for a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area. Bezbog hut is another good starting point for many hikes in Pirin. If you are heading to Pirin, here’s an article I wrote about one day hikes from Bansko.

The vibrant Rhodope Mountains

If you ever plan a road trip in Bulgaria, Rhodope mountains will be the perfect place to do so. I’ve been to Rhodope mountains many times and still haven’t seen everything on my list. There’s plenty of natural and architectural sites, picturesque villages, breathtaking viewpoints and many hiking and biking trails.

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