VELINGRAD – Your Must Visit Spa Destination in Bulgaria

Located in the marvelous Rhodope mountains, Velingrad is slowly making its way to the list of the top spa destinations in the world. With 77 mineral springs, each one with its unique and even miraculous healing powers, the city is a wonderful choice for your spa and wellness holiday. 

Velingrad is located just 2 hours away from Sofia, in Southern Bulgaria, Pazardzhik Province. It is a beloved balneological resort and spa & wellness paradise in Bulgaria. Velingrad is the top destination in terms of abundance and diversity of mineral waters in the country. Moreover, the biggest carst spring in Bulgaria – Kleptuza, can be found here. 

VELINGRAD – the SPA capital of Bulgaria and the Balkans

When I visited Velingrad I wasn’t aware of the great significance of the town and its mineral water treasures. I was happily surprised that there was a pool with naturally hot mineral water in our host’s hotel – the 5* Villa Vuchev. But more on that later… 

The great importance of Velingrad as a high-quality spa and wellness destination is backed up by two significant recognitions. In 2005, Velingrad was named the ‘Spa capital of Bulgaria’. In 2009 it became the ‘Spa capital of the Balkans’. Another impressive and rather unknown fact is that Bulgaria has the second highest number of mineral springs in the world, only after Iceland. 


The healing properties of the mineral waters in Velingrad had been used long before our times. Ancient Thracians and Roman warriors healed their wounds here. Traces of Roman aqueducts were even found in Velingrad. And more:

  • There are 77 mineral springs with healing properties in Velingrad, five times more than Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic).
  • The water’s temperature varies from 42to 88,50 C.
  • Chepino deposit in Velingrad has water rich of radon which has anti-inflammatory action and enhance the body’s vitamin production.
  • The water from Chepino is good for everyday drinking. The radon waters affect well the digestive, urinary excretion and endocrine systems.
  • The low mineralisation of the water helps to take all the toxins out of the body and to eliminate all the waste products from the body naturally.
  • The hot mineral water is easily assimilated by the body because of its similarity to our body liquids. That helps the saved energy to be used for healing of the organism.
  • Velingrad is the most hypoallergenic spot in Europe.
  • The mineral waters in Velingrad are suitable for treatment of wide range of diseases and medical conditions

WHAT TO SEE around Velingrad

What to see Velingrad

  • Natural Science Museum “Pliocene epoch park” in Dorkovo village

If you are in the region of Velingrad or Western Rhodopes, you can stop by Dorkovo village. There, you will find an interesting park/museum that presents findings from the Pliocene epoch from the deposit “Kokalite” (“The Bones”) around the village. We were told that the paleontological deposit in Dorkovo is the largest on the Balkans and the second most significant exposure in Europe. 

Inside the museum you will see an impressive 3.90 meters in height mastodon sculpture from the specie Anancus arvernensis, a giant mastodon tusk of a Mammut, a sculpture of the dolihopitek monkey fossil and a few other items. The museum is not big but if you are nearby, it’s worth to stop by and learn a little bit more about the Pliocene epoc in the region. 


The Natural Science Museum “Pliocene epoch park” in Dorkovo village is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00. Entance Fee: 5 BGN (3 BGN for kids, Monday – free entrance).  

  • The Carpet Factory in Kostandovo

The most impressive work of art can be found in the carpet factory in Kostandovo. More than 30 woman work to create amazing hand-made carpets for royals and not only. 

It takes 4 ladies to create 10 cm of a carpet a day. One carpet is made for at least 4-5 months. You can imagine how hard and resourceful this job is. To see the precision of their work is eye-opening…

When you are in the region of Velingrad, you should definitely visit the factory in Kostandovo and learn more about the process of making those unique carpets. It is open for group or individual visits. 


  • Avramovo – the highest train station on the Balkans

If you love natural surroundings, you will love a nice train ride to the highest train station on the Balkans – Avramovo. It is just 30-40 minutes ride with the only left narrow-gauge railway in Bulgaria. You can spend an hour there and go back to Velingrad with the same train. It is a nice relaxing ride and with a good company you’ll have a good time. 

what to do in velingrad - avramovo

Accommodation in Velingrad – 5* Villa Vuchev

Pool with hot mineral water, homemade food, luxurious surrounding – that’s what I call a 5-star welcome in Velingrad. Villa Vuchev in Velingrad is a true treasure in the heart of Western Rhodope mountain. It is the true definition of a villa – a place to relax and to be taking care of, away from the daily commitments. A place to be on a real spa holiday in Bulgaria. 

The greatest benefit of all is that you have a private spa spot. The pool is filled with natural mineral water at 39°C (lowered from 88°C). It has healing properties suitable for some joint and skin diseases, neurological disorders and others. How cool is that!


Have you considered going on a spa holiday in Bulgaria? 

Many thanks to Villa Vuchev for organizing our relaxing weekend in Velingad. For more travel stories and inspiration, follow Travelling Buzz on Facebook!

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