Visiting the Netherlands: 5 Things you absolutely have to try

The Netherlands

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Ruben is the writer behind Gamin Traveler. He travels very cheaply and focuses more on integrating with the people and their culture. His favorite travel style: hitchhiking and traveling by bicycle. Today he is telling us more about his trip to the Netherlands. If you want more stories from the road, follow Gamin Traveler on Facebook.

Don’t miss these 5 things about The Netherlands, to make your trip worth its while.

1. Cycling

This is an absolute must when visiting the Netherlands. I can’t stress this enough. Why? Because the Netherlands is the best country for cycling. There are so many bicycle lanes that will make it very easy for you to cycle around with your bike.

If you are traveling in a tight budget, then you might consider traveling by bicycle, and the Netherlands can easily be the best place for that. Roads are flat and you can park your bicycle everywhere. Just be careful in big cities. Make sure that you lock your bicycle properly.

bike-1002939_1280Photo: Bicycle in the Netherlands/Pixabay

I have traveled by bicycle, the last time I was visiting the Netherlands for 10 straight days. I definitely saw so many things I have never imagined before. The bicycle lanes on the roads have the same space provided for the cars. There are tunnel roads for bicycles. I even saw a net to throw the trash you get from your bicycle. They are definitely providing the best cycling lifestyle in this country. You definitely have to experience cycling here.

2. Try the Local Food

Because I was traveling by bicycle when I was in the Netherlands, I was always hungry. Here, I had an opportunity to try great food. Starting with cheapest street food, the Febo. I can also eat cookies for breakfast or anytime of the day. I especially liked to eat eierkoek, stroopwafel and speculaas brok.

StamppotPhoto: Stamppot/GaminTraveler

That last one was my absolute favorite. I also stayed with locals when I traveled to the Netherlands and my host cooked Stamppot for me. It’s a traditional Dutch dish made from mashed potatoes and other vegetables (spinach, onion, carrot) or fruits (pineapple). It’s usually served with a sausage.

3. Enjoy the Landscapes

You can’t miss the landscapes and the amazing scenery when visiting the Netherlands. You can enjoy tulips fields. You can see fields. And of the end  of the fields, there are the windmills. I can recommend going outside the cities and visiting a traditional windmill in the Netherlands.

cycling in the netherlandsPhoto: Windmills in the Netherlands/Pixabay

Outside the cities, houses are very beautiful and towns are very quiet. One very interesting thing about the Netherlands is that much of their land has been reclaimed from the sea and is below sea level. Absolute beauty to see!

4. Visiting the Netherlands should be about meeting people

People from the Netherlands are uber friendly. If they see you traveling alone, they will go close to you to make a conversation. It’s a good thing that even older people speak English.

NetherlandsPhoto: Meeting locals in the Netherlands/GaminTraveler

People from the Netherlands are the tallest people in the world. Don’t feel intimidated (I know I did. ha!) They love to crack jokes. Try to meet local people and go for a beer with them. When meeting a girl, it’s very customary to give them a kiss three times.

5. See Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Amsterdam is the capital so it is made for various travel plans. It’s crowded especially in the weekends. Give cycling around the city a try during the day and you can go out at night. There are many bars where you will meet a lot of people.

AmsterdamPhoto: Amsterdam/Pixabay

Rotterdam is Erasmus city. You will find many students. The port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe. Enjoy the great views in Erasmus Bridge and going out at night in bars.

If you have been thinking hard about what to do when visiting the Netherlands, make sure you give all these a try. This country is one of my top favorite destinations for travel, and there is absolutely so much great things to do.

Have you been to the Netherlands?  If yes, what’s your absolute favourite thing to do there?

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  • It’s fun to read from a different perspective about my own country. Taking the bike in The Netherlands is indeed a great way to go by! As for the cities, Utrecht (in the centre of the country) and Maastricht (in the south) are worth a visit as well!